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Should A Lady Make First Move
Ask God by praying & fasting

Take Communion
Migual asks: "What about Acts 20:7"
There is evidence to support that "breaking bread" simply refers to a meal. Also, the bible doesn't say that they came together every week on the first day of the week, only that they did it one time. Some will point out that they did it steadfastly, but that still doesn't specify weekly. Doing something once a year, still qualifies as doing it steadfastly. Some people will say that we should take thier example and follow it. This suggestion that we follow thier example isn't a biblical commandment. Its not from the bible. If we should follow the examples of the the apostles in all cases, shouldn't we also follow Peter's example in Mark 14:66-72 where he denied Christ? I think not.

Is Cussing Sinful
Golly, I hope not...

What Is A True Christian
A person who is constantly seeking truth. The truth of ones self. The truth about Jesus. Who he really was and what he really believed.

Husband Using Dating Sites
I am a man. 39 years old. I can tell you by those actions that he is definitely not ready to be married. He probably doesn't realize what Love,Honor and Devotion are or that love is the combination of actions towards what you "love".He was probably infatuated with you and now a couple years later the newness wore off then reality set in. He realizes that you are unhappy with his lack of maturity and is now looking for someone else to long for him so that he can fill his ego by being admired,wanted,and needed again.If you believe in God. Then I guess what Jesus said about commiting the act in his heart is definitely good enough to leave. I would. What yall had will never be "true" in both your hearts again.

Why Was Paul Chosen
you think he didn't choose Paul and I believe your right. Paul had never met Jesus but claimed to have "visions and trances". Paul was actually pursuing Jesus and his followers into Damascus by someones direction although it is unclear who's henchman he was. What is clear is that James(brother of Jesus),along with the other Apostles did not agree with all the new theology Paul was coming up with on his own.The church of Jerusalem,nazoreans,ebionites,whatever you want to call them upheld Mosaic Law just like Jesus. They also didn't believe Jesus was God. Yep Its true and documented.They were his disciples and his own brother.They would know.

Struggle To Obey God
The kingdom of God as Yoshua(Jesus) said is inside you.If you listen to your inner voice. The one that points out the things your Love knows you should take care of.You know which things plague your soul when you wake in the morning,the ones that call to you. Even the things you would like to accomplish. It starts with small goals to accomplish that mountain you see in front of you. I wouldn't worry about any divine plan. After all, we are talking about a God that has commanded to kill,rape, and pillage entire citys,that condones slavery,that subdues women from leading important roles in society.We both have seen men wiser than this in our lifetime. Just listen to your mature wisdom.

My Marriage Is Failing
Well lets look at marriage. Originally it was to show posession. Women were property in the Bible.It even gives law on how to pay for a woman you have raped.Deuteronomy 22:28-29.The only way out for a woman supposedly is by the man commiting adultery BUT on the other hand the man can divorce if he does not find favor with her.Of Course, this is in Patriarchal society which the Israelites,Jews,Christians live by.Man is the leader and important role.Why would an Israelite man divorce anyway? He could have as many wives as he wanted. Marriage wasn't a part of church service till the midieval times.So you ever heard of the book the Five Love Langauges? This will help find if he loves you or simply could care less and is using you.I wish you well

Pastor Is A Narcissist
Sue that is a scary place to be.I have a friend that is in the same boat(also with a cheating preacher) and for a sec I thought you were her.The worst is generally when this happens the church has no leadership and they continue to let this person lead the congregation when it clearly shows who should lead in 1 Timothy 3,ephesians 5, galations and generally anywhere qualifications for leadership are discussed.Although I can't say this suprises me. Most who claim to worship God have no idea what or how they should worship other than what they are told and taught. There are very few Truth Seekers in todays world.

No Musical Instruments
Ok I grew up in the Church of Christ.In Deep for 20 years. The people of these churches will go to the grave insisting that their way of worship is exactly like the early church(Jesus,Nazorenes,Apostles of Jesus)worship.When I became an adult and finally began individually researching the truth of these beliefs(rather than simply listening to someone else as they taught what their parents taught them) I found that none of the Christian groups even remotely resemble the early teachings of Christ or the law he upheld.I believe worrying about musical instruments(which they obviously used in the old testament and have in heaven in the new testament) is the least of the Christian problem.

Does Evil Come From God
Evil doesn't come from God!
psalm 45:7 says : You love justice and hate evil. Therefore God, your God, has anointed you, pouring out the oil of joy on you more than on anyone else.

as darkness is where there is no light, evil is where there is no God!

Did I Curse God
ask forgivness and may be ask someone to pray for you... like your pastor!!

Saved Without Gift Of Spirit

we need the Holy Spirit to help us fighting satan.

Ephesians 6:12 says:"For we are not fighting against flesh-and-blood enemies, but against evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against mighty powers in this dark world, and against evil spirits in the heavenly places."

Did Dinosaurs Live With Man
If dinosaurs existed 60 million years before man,then the Bible's explanation of the creation in Genesis 1 could not have been a literal 6 days as we know it, however, I believe in the literal 6 days of creation that Genesis teaches. If that is the case, then the world is only 6000 years old. The Patriarchal Dispensation lasted for 2500 years (from Gen 1 - Exod 19), the Mosaical Dispensation lasted 1500 years (from Exodus 20 - Acts 1), and the Christian Dispensation began in Acts 2 down to this present time (approx 2000 years) until the Lord returns in the clouds for Judgment. (I Thess 4:16-17)

Scripture Against Christmas Trees
The reference in Jeremiah 10:1-10 is to idols - not to a Christmas tree, "...A tree from the forest is cut down
and worked with an axe by the hands of a craftsman.
4 They decorate it with silver and gold,
they fasten it with hammer and nails
so that it cannot move.
5Their idols are like scarecrows in a cucumber field,
and they cannot speak,
they have to be carried,
for they cannot walk.
Do not be afraid of them,
for they cannot do evil,
neither is it in them to do good."

Is Cremation Biblical
My mom is in hospice and my dad and her agreed that both would be cremated when the time came, but they would be buried also. From what I see there is no definite answer. God will take her when it is time and she will be with Him for eternaty.

Who is Bishop Eddie Long?
Bishop Eddie Long is one of the greatest preachers this church age has to offer. His teachings are phenominal and his revelation of the Word comes straight from heaven. If anyone has a problem with the things that come out of his mouth, take Bishops advice and study the Word for yourself. Also, on a personal note "it time for Christians to stop persecuting Preachers." We need to stop looking at the cars they drive and the suits they wear and focus on the words that come out of their mouth. It amazing how foolish we are when it comes to gambling and the lottery, but we're experts on whose a false prosperity preacher!

Reading Harry Potter
What gets me is all the "Christians" who denounce Potter as promoting evil when they approve of watching SPORTS. I would rather see a child emmulate the behaviour of Harry P. than ANYONE in the sports world. Analyze the heart of the average sport and tell me how Godly it is. Can anyone say PRIDE, IDOLATRY, GREED...also lust, REAL violence,etc.-and that's just the fans.

What Cults Have In Common
The Pope never claimed himself to be God, he is a man, he sins and has faults, no human is perfect.
Cults, on the other hand (Mormons, JW's, ect.) preach that THE CULT is the only way to heaven. Also, cults change their scriptures (if any) and history to make it look like they have always been right (The Book of Mormon has had many versions and the JW's change their "revlations" all the time)

Santa Claus With Christians
St. Nick is not a pagan term or satanic. It is short for St. Nicholas the Bishop of Myra in the early 300's AD. He was well known for his gift giving and generousity to the poor. He actcually DESTROYED pagan temples in Turkey. So I suppose thats where Santa Claus came from. But the name St. Nicholas has become too commerical and it seems the the true meaning of Christmas is lost.

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