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Does Divorce Seems To Pass
I think it must be worse than the death of a spouse because it carries with it all the conflict, guilt, rejection etc as well as the actual separation from the other person.

I lost my wife to cancer after 27 years. We had been engaged within a month and married within a year. I was 18 at the time. Not recomended for everyone but we were blessed that it worked for us

How To Live A Holy Life
Do you perhaps mean with evil around every corner?

The cure for negativity is thankfulness.

1 Thessalonians 5:18, "In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you."

Note: It is not the "thing" that we are giving thanks for. It is giving thanks in spite of the "thing" what ever that may be.

For example, if one has cancer God does not expect us to be thankful for the cancer but rather to simply be thankful, in spite of the cancer.

Can We Lose Salvation
I do not believe 1st Cliff's was mocking or making light of salvation rather I believe it was a comment on the endless cycle of this question being asked over and over with the ensuing arguments being rehashed time and again. Let the games begin indeed.

Fear As Salvation Motive
Jesus used the "Woe unto you" line to the Pharasies and in the Sermon on the Mount. In the Sermon on the Mount in particular, the "Woe unto you" is followed up with instruction to do right.

John the Baptist preached repentence from sin with the implied warning that if you do not repent you will have no part of the kingdom. (John 3:2)

See a similar warning in Rev 2:5 & 16.

While these could be percived as a "Repent or else" message, they are the minority compared to the "Taste and see the Lord is good." messages

The Power Of Sin Is The Law
"And yes, I already have a good track record of how God has used me in the various ministries He has called me into. But if I must boast, it has to be in the Lord. 1 Cor. 1:31."

Oops... Too late.

The Power Of Sin Is The Law
Reading your comments reminds me of Luke 18:9-14.

Government Controlling Churches
Where do you get this stuff?

Vampires On The Loose
"The Nazis wore "Skull-and-Crossbones" as lapel pins on their uniforms! The Nazi regime was EVIL"

So does the US Marine Corps. Does that make them evil?

Vampires On The Loose
"There may not be such thing as a vampire but,demonic people Bro.Eloy is right they should be locked up."

Shades of Salem.

Baptismal Regeneration

Like you said: "Sad irony."

Vampires On The Loose
Vampires and werewolves are being spoken of as if they actually exist! Please people. This gives new meaning to "life imitating art".

The concept of people being caught up in, and even trying to imitate, the vampire and werewolf FICTION that is so popular today is one thing.

To discuss these things as if they are real and not fiction is a different thing altogether!

Demon Jumped On Me

1 John 5:18 We know that whosoever is born of God sinneth not, but he that is begotten of God keepeth himself, and that wicked one toucheth him not.

Vampires On The Loose
"There has been a huge increase of attacks and killings by young people claiming to be vampires and werewolves"

Really? Could you cite even one or two examples?

Iscariot Alive Until Resurrection
Any of the commentators I read agree that the "12" was more like the title of a group rather than a specific numeration of those present. However, Jamison makes this interesting suggestion: "The round number for "the Eleven" (Lu 24:33, 36). "The Twelve" was their ordinary appellation, even when their number was not full. However, very possibly Matthias was present (Ac 1:22, 23). Some of the oldest manuscripts and versions read, "the Eleven": but the best on the whole, "the Twelve."

Also some of the commentators note that some other translations say "11" not "12".

Do Saved People Sin

First, thanks for the capital "B".

Your reply describes how backsliders sin. That is a forgone conclusion since sinning is what makes them a backslider.

You said that a saved person cannot sin.


You said a backslider is one who has "left their first love, namely, Christ, and have substituted sin for Christa (sic)."

So, if:
a. Saved people cannot sin

b. a backslider is, by definition, a once saved person who is now sinning

How does a person get from being saved to backslidden if not by sinning?

Do Saved People Sin
If saved people do not sin, how do they backslide?

Purpose Of God's Grace
"//Again, truly truly I say to you, The Lord God Commands you, Work, then you will have my grace// red letter edition Eloy? where did Jesus say this you failed to give the scripture reference."

Generaly, when Eloy uses the "red letter treatment" is is "supposed" to be God speaking directly through him to us.

Purpose Of God's Grace
"To show His Merited favor upon our lives"

Do you mean to say we can earn (merit) God's favor?

How Much Oil Is Left
"GOD provides all resources man can never "use-up"...

Lets take this to its simplest form. A person lives on an island and has no source of heat but trees. Eventually he cuts down all the trees for heat. The resource has been used up. How then can we say God will never let all the resources be used up? Earth is just a bigger island. The resources are not infinite. If they are abused/overused they will be gone.

By the way, a real life example of the above principle is the story of Easter Island. They did not use the trees for heat but they did use up all the trees resulting not only in deforstation but the washing away of much of the island's topsoil (another resource squandered).

Finish It Here Part Two
Re Phil 2:6
harpagmos also means "a thing to be seized upon or to be held fast, retained

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