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Gestational Surrogacy Biblical
hi I'm a gestational surrogate my self and have seen the pain in the IP's eyes to have the love and joy of a child and as long as it gestational it has nothing to do with the surrogate and God does believe in this and as long as everything is clearly in black and white with the help of lawyers there is ALWAYS room for God's children in this world!!!

Pastor Is A Narcissist
If we respond with bitterness to this question then we are like those standing with stones when Jesus ask the question those of you without sin can cast the first stone. Lets respond with love and real answers that come from Love which is the Father if we truly know Him.

Should I Leave This Church
Check your heart as to what ties you to this church.

Church Membership For Salvation
You do not have to be a member of a local church to enter through the gates of Heaven!If you beleive that Jesus is the Son Of God and you have excepted Him as "your" Lord and Saviour then you will enter. Jesus is the only door thought the gates of Heaven. Then you must walk each day with Him and He will teach you what His will is for your life. However attending a local church will help a new beleiver because it allows you to have help from other beleivers. Choose Christ not a religon.

No Tongues No Mansion
All I can say now to all who disagree with the Gift of tongues. If things are working for you with out tongues then be Blessed. If you want to go to a higher high than anything this earth offers reach out and dance with the one who brought you to the Ball!

Pastor Is A Narcissist
The enemy is trying to use you to take him out. This is the same as Eve did to Adam. Your husband may or may not have a calling to be a Pastor but he feels some kind of drawing from the Lord. The enemy knows that he will do great things for God and wants to take him out. Please be patient and build him up and pray an ask the Lord to show him where he has failed with you and his family. When you speak to him the enemy will close his ears. When God speaks to him he will hear. Be Blessed and trust the Lord.

No Tongues No Mansion
Salvation does not depend on having the gift of tongues.To have the gift is having more of Him who created you, by that I mean you are closer to the Flame. You are not just following the cloud. You begin to feel the closness of the Creator. You feel the fullness of His love.If you went to the bank to draw out money and you only took what you thought was there and you were still hungery and you were about to die of starvation. Then someone told you that there was more, wouldn't you want it?

No More Than We Can Bare
does anyone know where i can find it in the bible that God doesn't put more on us than we can bear

Promises From God On Remarriage
A lot of time has passed, and I wondered how it's going. God is also asking me to wait on someone. It feels like a long wait because I am a fleshly human. What keeps me believing is that when (if, for some) we hear from God, we should do exactly what He says. His Truth is greater than any man's and tells you otherwise.

Are Free Masons A Cult
I am not familiar with ROTARY,however I do not feel there is any secrecy or exclusiveness in christianity. Christ choses us. All we need do is believe. there is no secrets.

Opinion Of Rodney Howard-Browne
I went to a crusade once and wasn't very impressed, a lot of hype for sure, but little substance. I think the people he made to fall down in fits of laughter appeared to be staged.

Women With Long Hair
I agree with you Tabitha, hair does not not make the woman! I have long curly hair. I get comments like its a weave, it too much, strighten it, then it will look better. People will always find some thing to talk about.

Who is Paula White?
As for those who have been deceived into giving money, God will judge whether their heart was in the right place when they gave. If it was, they will get a blessing. But God never rewards a selfish offering. Paula, like most of the other feel good prosperity teachers arent feeding the sheep. They are like the false Shepherds in Ezekiel 32.
Let God be the judge here, everyone should pray for the spirit of discernment and do what the Holy Spirit lays on your heart.

Why Did God Take My Man
Would it have been better to have no memories than to have the ones you have? I lost my love on June 8th and keep trying to see why but one thing that I do no is that he is in a better place than we are and I will see him again, and most of all my life is better because of him no matter how long it was an so to have not known him at all would be worse than losing him so soon. So count your blessing's that you had his love at all. GOD BLESS YOU AND I'LL PRAY FOR YOUR PEACE AS WELL AS MINE.

Life Style Evangelism Only
And by this shall all men know that we are His disciples...It's not about perfection...we all sin and fall short...but it is about love...

Women Wear Head Coverings
after many years and with age comes wisdom I have found a deeper desire to come closer with god. I feel that alot of the problems with the world is that we have forgotten the rules of the Bible and frist one is women covering their heads. I for one have started covering my head not only in church but cover every day. I show respect for my husband and to my god and christ.I'm the only one in church who covers and thats ok maybe others will follow I can only pray.

Honest And Decent Men Around
I don't know what it is. Maybe they just want the fun and not the commitment. They just don't realize they are truly shorting themselves for what could be.

Rosie Odonnell's Interview
She said clearly, that "radical islam" are as "dangerous" as "radical christians." And today she defames the holy Pope. How long should we let her spread her hate and absolutely clueless lies on daytime tv?? We should be calling for a boycott or having her be fired.

Major Surgery Prayers
Dear madison i will be praying for you you know that God can do anything but fail

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