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Marry My Hindu Boyfriend
I can only say this God was not to pleased
when Israel intermarried with diffeent nations. Paul also said if you marry do so in the Lord now wnat do the Hindu's believe
do they believe in te Lord Jesus and his death burial and ressurrecton and that only through him can oan be saved or do they believe different. I Pray that you choose wisely not from lust but from your heart

Can I Date A Non-Christian
I think that yes you can still date him because as long as you are strong in your faith and you are praying and trying to get him to know christ there is nothing wrong. It just all depends how strong you are

Can Christians Work In A Bar
the simple answer is found in 1 peter 1:16
be ye holy for iam holy what does darkness have to do with light even if the person is not a drinker it is not a place for
a true christian to work god is able to open better

Are Catholics Truly Saved
catholic are really some mis informed
peoples it is a lot that they believe and teach that is that i could never
understand is that the peoples could be forgiven of their sins by a man even the
pharisees knew that no man could forgive sins only god.but no we all presume we are going to heaven but only god knows

Did Jesus Die For All
yes just because someone is foolish enough
not to except the free gift that jesus offers doesn't mean that some day if they chose to they can't. but james warns us that we don't no what will be on the morrow
so i advise people take the gift of life it's free

Your HouseHold Will Be Saved
dont give up just remember the patience of
job even that of abraham and shara for their promise child. god is not slack on his word he just dose things in his own timing so that we may no that not by power or might but by his holy spirit believe me
prayer works just keep faith that god will give you what your asking for my prayer is for them also

Divorce Deceiving Husband
if your husband decieved you then you are not an adultress but unlless he comitts adultry you should not get an divorce.

Does Hell Exist
yes, i truly believe that there is a hell
most peoples say that a loving god cannot
punish people the way they say hell is suppose to be. well explain why were sodom destroyed why were peoples drowned in noahs day. and why have millions been killed in large numbers is it not because of something they have done?god is a good god but he's also a comsuming fire so dont think
his goodness is a cause to do wrong. he say he will judge us for everything we do both good and evil

Is TBN Mainstream Christianity
tbn is a network full of greddy people who
say to you do. but dont do themselves. they
are people who are good at what they do but bad at doing it thenselves. iam one who desire to be different from this world religion not fleecing the flock by saying you are cursed if you dont pay tithes or speaking the truth for pay, god freely gave me many chances how can i charge to give some one eles a chance.exactally what tbn does

Does America Need a Revival
yes anerica need a revival in fact we need a strong move of god. we have gotten so stuck on ourselves.everytime something goes wrong here we go like some big problem slover.we are just so believing that we are
all god fearing and god loving and we need to stop lying and repent.u.s has not seen what is going to happen to it,seriously if we dont humble ourselves and pray seek god's face and turn from our wicked ways.because we are living a lie we forget that god's peoples are isreal not u.s

Husband Viewed Naked Women
no your husband does not have a right to view any web sites with naked women.i personally think that is for perverts.maybe he needs to be single, i believe that marriage is sacred and even looking at someone eles naked body is a sin jesus said if you desire a woman in your heart you commit adultry with her.if he don't stop leave him before he goes father,but do everything in prayer first

Why Pray For The Sick
prayer for the sick and their healing is a way in which god manifest himself in the earth thats why only those who believe in healing can be healed,yes we all will die but the bible says why die before your time.if you were on yourdeath bed you would understand why prayer was needed in sickness
because noone really wants to die.its not in our hearts eternity is

Why Was Jesus Crucified
jesus came to fulfill the word not to change it.stoneing him would have cause much wounds but then prophecies would not have been true one that said not one of his bones would be broken and another that said
that he would be a living sacrifice. since a
sacrifice was sheding of the blood.jesus death was the way it was suppouse to be and we should be thankful because we so didn't deserve it

How Do You Die To Self
i believe that to die to self is a daily process,because once the devil see a change in you then his focus on you become more can't just say you are saved and think its all cherries from there no when you saythat the fight is on maturity i believes comes at death when you have fought the good fight

Marriage Is A Fairy Tale
don't rush your self you are still young but one thing you should not say is that you have given up on god.he is the only one who will never leave you or for sake no i have found in life that god shows up when we are at the point of thinking that he never
let patience have her perfect work she'll come.

Alone Even With People Around
i can relate to what you are saying and sometimes i feel that way still but you have to know that depression is a spirit just like the fever that jesus rebuked from peters mother en law so with the power that he left you inside of you rebuke that depression spirit and be happy remember we serve a happy god.tell your self every morning i will be happy today in the mist of anything .i tell you the devil cant fight postive words be encouraged

New Testament Tithing Practiced
tithing of money camed into pratice when men
becamed filled with greed.There is no biblicle mention of tithe being money, in fact the tithes of the bible were grain,wheat,corn or anything that had life in cannot be tithe because it has no life in that it can not are to give as it is purposed in your own heart

Meaning Of Salvation To You
to me being saved is personal because if you
donot fully know,understand and believe that
jesus truly is the son of god and that he
really died on the cross for you you are
altogether helpless.there is no other name that can save so salvation is knowing him

Am I Going To Die
let me tell you something god is the healer
today just as he was in the days of the prophets isaiah said that he [jesus] was wounded for our sins and that by his stripes ye were healed take those words and
believe he is able to do all we ask or think.he is not a man that he should lie.

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