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Should A Teacher Date A Student
You have no business dating a high school student. Find someone your own age.

Slack And Bikini Women
Slacks and sleeveless tops are fine for a woman. Why should we be more uncomfortable in warm weather?

Is It Bad To Use A Condom
Emcee: Do you know what condoms do? They prevent sperm from entering the woman's reproductive system. The only thing dying is sperm. Not a fetus. Since when is it murder to kill sperm?

Israeli Sharon Punished By God
Another "open mouth, insert foot" for Pat.

Husband Left Me To Make A Baby
I suggest you seek a lawyer and speak with your pastor.

Divorce Husband Over Church
If he is a wonderful Christian husband, why would you want to leave him? It doesn't matter his motivation, he is going to church. Now, pray for his heart, that he would be hungry and thirsty for God. Read "The Power of a Praying Wife."

Is Sickness Related To Diet
A lot of foods contain carcinogens. The more processed the food, the greater the risk, because of the additives that are there.

Husband Likes A Boring Church
You pray and ask the Lord to either change the church your husband likes, which God can do because God doesn't like dead churches, OR, pray for your husband to become dissatisfied as well.

Kids Died Before Baptism
Baptism is not a requirement for heaven. Nobody can see with certainty where the children are, though many believe that they have not reached the age of accountability, and therefore will be in glory with Jesus.

Wife Divorcing Over Bi-Polar
See a therapist and get an intake evaluation and find out if she is right. If she is, get therapy. If she's not, pray for her.

Husband Keeps Calling Me
If he abuses you physically, you should ring a lawyer and file for child support for your child. While you are at it, file for divorce. Next time he calls you, tell him to call your lawyer and hang up. If he hits you again, ring the cops and file charges.

Can I Marry My Ex-Son-In-Law
What about your daughter? Your feelings for her should also be a consideration. Family gatherings would be extremely uncomfortable for her and her husband. Personally I think it would be very selfish for you to date her ex.

Meaning Of Walking In The Spirit
It means being so in touch with the Lord I am in total submission to the Spirit and yielding to His voice.

Fallen Into A Deep Depression
Definitely see your family doctor or a psychiatrist. You may need antidepressants.

Boundaries For Married Friends
Definitely. Without the boundaries things could end up more intimate than originally intended.

Pastor To Encourage Voting
A pastor's job is to preach and teach the Word of God. How a person is to vote is a matter of the Holy Spirit of God giving wisdom and discernment to each citizen who chooses to vote. Pastors who tell how to vote are overstepping their boundaries in doing so. I have left churches where the pastor tells how to vote. God gave the Holy Spirit to do that for me.

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