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Who Is The Mother Of Harlots
It could well be the USA, as we meddle in other country's affairs, start unlawful wars. After all, the Trade Center was bombed on US soil. I'm afraid she fits Babylon the Great nowadays.

Different Denominations
You are correct. I believe there are over 30,000 "Christian denominations" now. Christianity made the mistake of having a divided house which Scripture says can't stand. Instead of uniting together for Christ, they are too busy criticizing the other protestant denominations. Christianity at this rate will bring about her own ruin

Baptized For Remission Of Sins
When I was baptized, I asked for remission of sins, but also acknowledged the Lord Jesus Christ and denounced Satan. By joining the body of Christ, we can turn to our Lord and ask for forgiveness of sins.

Non-Smokers Are Mean
They are "casting stones" as though innocent of all indulgences themselves. People who smoke owe it to non smokers not to smoke in their presence without asking, but non smokers also need to be polite, go home and clean their own doorsteps before criticizing you! Don't let those type "judgers" bother you--God will judge you, not them. They may hurt their own judgement passing theirs on you.

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