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End Times Prophecy
We are waiting on the 3rd "abomination of desolation". Term often used to describe Israel's sin of bringing practices of pagan worship into God's Holy Temple. The first and second abominations of desolations have already taken place. The 3rd is happening as we speak.

End Times Prophecy
By the Dark Ages, the Roman Catholic Church had accepted many, many pagan doctrines. I believe we are to practice ONLY things found in the Bible. The Catholic church has its own rules, and they have changed all kind of things: use of temples dedicated to particular saints, holy water, the ring in marriage, turning to the East, images, changing the Sabbath day from Saturday to Sunday (which they openly admit to doing)-just to name a few. All of these are of pagan origin.

End Times Prophecy
Just as it says in Daniel 7:25 "he will speak against the Most High and oppress his saints and he will think to change times and laws". This massive misconception is the devil's doings. While the world is obsessing over NUMBERS, the devil is moving stealthily in for the kill.

End Times Prophecy

If you are able to interpret prophesy, and take a little look into history, there are 10 points in the Bible that identify the beast-nation as being indisputably the Medieval Roman Church.

End Times Prophecy
And no offence to anyone, but I believe that the antichrist is not actually one man, but is the Papacy. I am not saying that if you are Catholic, that you are the beast or have the mark. It is the unbiblical system of worship and the political structure that this prophecy focusses on.

What Day Is The Sabbath
I understand the Sabbath to be a Jewish custom. The christians met on Sunday (the day Christ rose from the dead). You have to do a study, the word 'Sabbath' does not come up. Pentacost is a good place to start.

Feel About Divorce For Affairs
Here I am almost divorced, and I have felt that my actions were wrong and selfish. Hard hearted, and unforgiving. I have stopped my divorce, because I know it is not God's will. My husband is living with another woman... and says he still loves me, but loves her too. God is still in charge!! May His will be done.

Cheated On My Wife
Do not tell your wife about the email. You apologized, although I am unsure were both at fault. Go before GOd on your knees and love and protect and serve your wife as unto the Lord.
I was going to get a divorce. All of a sudden I have decided not to, but my husband is living with his girlfriend, and yes he is saved.This is tremendous pain!! I have chosen to forgive him, but I want to please God and only Him. Whatever happens God is still number one. Do the same for your marriage!

Spiritual House Cleaning Occuring
Yes I have done this type of cleaning. From items purchased in the US or from any other country. As well as praying through house to clean them of demonic spirits and counsel the owners on how to do this and stand firm in the authority they were given through Christ. It's always nice to have a peaceful home that reflects Christ in all manners.

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