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Can Women Propose To Men
People who call concepts they don't understand 'stupid,' and people who call those they disagree with 'brainwashed,' have passed the point where a rational discussion can still be had. But peace to you both anyway...

What Does Rule Over Mean
It means we have the right to domesticate them, or to kill them for food and clothing, or as pests. That would include fish and insects. It goes against the theories of PETA and their like.

Can Women Propose To Men
Jed, all ! can say to that is that fixed ideas are more dangerous than lies. And you demonstrate both. But you are always welcome to your opinions. Peace to you.

Many Paths To Jesus
Barb, if you believe salvation is a choice, and if you think there are people who won't be saved, then you are an Arminian.

What Is The True Churchc
The true church is different for everyone. Basically, the true church is the one you agree with and like.

What Does Rule Over Mean
Rulers have the power and authority, and are in charge. So from that you can probably figure the rest out.

Can Women Propose To Men
Even if a president did want to institute Islamic law, and there is no evidence the current president does, the Constitution would have to be amended to that effect. So the idea is just absurd...

Many Paths To Jesus
Calvinists say God could save everyone but doesn't want to. Arminians say God wants so save everyone but can't. Who's right?

Victimized Class Of Americans
I think Cluny's main flaw is pedantry. Otherwise he's a pretty good guy.

Did The Apostles Do Wrong
There was no right or wrong in what the apostles did in Acts 15. In religion there is only orthodoxy or heresy. Whatever the apostles decided was orthodox, and whatever opposed their decision was heretical. Had they decided in favor of circumcision, that would have been their orthodoxy.

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