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End-Time Alien Delusion
Haz, your comments borderline Gnosticism. They too believed they were sinless in God's eyes, and were in the spirit, as scripture teaches , so they believed that anything they did in the flesh didn't matter.

You can rationalize away all you want Haz, but one day you will find yourself regretting it.

As long as I see you here attacking others and name calling. YOU ARE STILL IN YOUR SIN. So all you really have Haz is some kind of head knowledge. Repent Haz! Before it's too late.

End-Time Alien Delusion
1 Peter 4:1 Forasmuch then as Christ hath suffered for us in the flesh, arm yourselves likewise with the same mind: for he that hath suffered in the flesh hath ceased from sin,

So Haz claims he's suffered in the flesh? Literally Haz, or are you claiming position again? So you say your life is walking 100% of the time in Galatians 5:22-25? Romans 8:11-13? GAL 2:20-21? PHILIPPIANS 2-3? And 1 Corinthians 13....really?

If that were true, you would be here preaching the CROSS, and not name calling.

So me thinks you need to do more suffering in the flesh Haz so you can be an example of what you believe.

End-Time Alien Delusion
Haz, yes we are no longer given the term SINNERS, as that word in scripture is talking about the unsaved. However The term in no way says becausecwe are no longer sinners in God's eyes, that we can sin.

So if you actually go without chastened Haz.which all sons go no perfect sinless person needs chastening...then you might want to make sure you are actually a son, and not an illegitimate....

You may not want to call faults , shortcomings,lack of faith from time to time sin. But God does. We do fall short of God's PERFECTION while still in these earthly bodies, but one day, after we have been glorified together with Christ we will actually be sinless. But we won't be earthly then either.

End-Time Alien Delusion
If you actually read ALL NT scriptures, Paul, John James, Peter the Author of Hebrews , you will not see sinless perfection taught. The issue with CULTS is they love that "one verse wonder" having no supporting witness scripture to back up and will just harp on that one till the cows come home. Cults can do this with John 3:16 too,excluding all other scripture and say as long as you believe in Jesus you are saved. But when asked, believe what exactly, they just say ,believe Jesus existed. But many false teachers believe Jesus existed, but don't believe He's the Son of God, God in the flesh, died for our sin, rise again etc....because just taking John 3:16 alone , it doesn't say all this other.

New Age In Todays Churches
Samuel, actually Benny Hinn claimed to have laid on Amy McPhersons grave because he wanted her anointing of the Holy Spirit to cover him.

Talk about witchcraft. Don't they as Christians know the soul and spirit have left the decaying flesh?

It really makes me wonder exactly what they believe regarding salvation at all.

End-Time Alien Delusion
But praise God those saved by Grace through faith can never be canceled. The left or right can NEVER interfere with my relationship with the Lord. Politics can NEVER separate me from the Love of God IN Christ Jesus.

That no matter what we are blessed IN HEAVENLY PLACES IN CHRIST JESUS

That God never asks or requires us to dwell on earthly things like politics.

Praise God!

New Age In Todays Churches
Positive Confession is one that is HUGE infiltrating the Church. It also goes hand in hand with The power of positive thinking. The song "I speak Jesus" another example. Seems like the Gov of Oklahoma claimed the state for Jesus. The idea we can GO BEYOND scripture and have personal power to claim things no scripture supports. Much of the music now being sung with its repetition is New Age Incantations.

I think of church music as prayer. We're singing in prayer. But if you take away the melody and just listen to the words, it's repetitious, and much is actually false doctrine.

God rebukes repetition in prayer.

Just study it's meaning and you'll be surprised.

End-Time Alien Delusion
Our POSITION doesn't mean we can't sin. Positionally I'm seated with Christ in Heavenly Places IN CHRIST. But in reality I'm here, in the flesh and have yet yo be Glorified together either Christ, where in both cases our position will be a reality.

Also IN CHRIST I'm not male or female. JEW OR Gentile. Yet I find myself wearing dresses, wearing makeup etc.

Please know the difference between our position vs our condition.

End-Time Alien Delusion
21 Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven, but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven.

That right Haz. And you seem to be the judge of who is and isn't doing the Will of God.

Seeing I don't see you in scripture as some mediator between the Lord and me, also seeing POSITIONALLY we are no longer in and of this seems to be you who's confused as to your position in worldly politics.hummm. You can't have it both ways Haz. Well maybe you think you can, but that makes you a walking contradiction.

Those who mind earthly things are enemies of the CROSS. All you talk about is earthly things.

Is Jesus Coming Back Soon
Haz I've studied the letters Paul has written to know what the will of God is. Starting with Romans 16:24-27. It's God's will for us to understand the Gospel according to the Mystery. This was revealed in John 17 and more fully revealed through Paul's epistles after Jesus rose from the dead. It's actually understanding we are no longer of this world. Jesus even said he was not praying for this world. We are Ambassadors for Christ. Ambassadors don't try taking over governments. Heaven is our home now and we need to point to that home not here.

Now if your of the Kingdom Now crowd, poking out eyes and cutting off hands to enter're following another Gospel. GALATIANS 1:6.

Don't worry about what I believe Haz.

End-Time Alien Delusion
Haz argued here for sometime Christians are sinless. That Haz claims to have achieved sinless perfection, YET out of the same mouth says because Trump can say Lord Lord makes him a sinless Christian too. Yet we all know Trump is not sinless. Name calling, jesting, filthy talk doesn't come out of a sinless person.

And scripture tells us not all who say LORD LORD will enter the Kingdom of God. Only those who do the will of the Father.

So me thinks Haz is a bit hazzy about what the will of God is. Hummm... Well for starters , one must show evidence of Galatians 5:22-25. I really doubt Trump has crucified the lusts of the flesh for starters. Therefore can't be sinless. But I'm not sure Haz has either with his name calling.

Is Jesus Coming Back Soon
Haz Jerry Falwell way back when preached segregation... and actually began the ecumenical UNCHRISTLIKE movement, joining hands with Mormons, Catholics Christians who could all agree on the Law of Moses, .....however The Law of Moses is putting folks back under the Law. And has tried to use politics to turn America into a Theocracy...AKA Christian Nationalism.

You perhaps may want to adhear to the 7th letter to the Church in Revelation.

This country has been taken over by the Charismatic movement who has never known persecution for the sake of THE CROSS. Their doctrine is all about miracles and money, not suffering or persecution.

Clouds without water. No LIVING WATER comes out of them because they have no root.

Interpret The Bible
Haz, Go back to the Gospels and discern Israel's resistance to Jesus Christ. It's no different than today, Nationalism over personal repentance. They wanted a KING not a savior. The reason Judas and Co. betrayed Jesus. And today those following in Judas's footsteps are no different than Judas. Judas believed in the coming King who would bringing in the Kindgom on earth. It's all spelled out in John 6 if you pay attention to detail. When taking OT promises exclusively spoken to the Nation of Israel and forcing it on America, not only is it apostasy but heresy.

There will be an earthly Kingdom one day, and it won't be headquartered in America or the Vatican.

The earthly kingdom will be different and under Kingdom LAW....

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