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My Son Has Some Tough Issues
UPDATE- Dear Friends, Please continue to pray for my son. He has now been arrested and is going to surely be sent to prison. Some more unwise choices he's made. Thanks again for your prayers.

Should Boyfriend Attend Church
Thank you Brothers and Sisters for your care and concern. I prayed this morning and our Father answered my prayers this evening. God is awesome. He has never let me down. Any advice is greatly appreciated........Karyn

Ex-Husband Is A Preacher
Dear Friends in Christ, Again, our Father has answered my prayers. He sent me a room full of Angels. As for the ex: I have no hard feelings towards him. Our saviour has helped me overcome that. I would never do anything to hurt his ministry. I am just at my wits end with his child. My ex will have to answer to God for what he has or has not done. We are on good terms and have been for years. Again, bless you all and know that your support, prayers and love is graciously accepted......Karyn

My Son Has Some Tough Issues
Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,
To tell you that I am touched by your support would be an understatement. Thank you Jesus for sending your angels to me. That HE has answered yet another prayer is proof of His never-ending love for us. Please continue with your prayers friends. God bless you all.......Karyn

Any Muti-Cultural Families Here
I have 2 biracial grandbabies. They are taught both sides of their heritage. My son-in-law is a wonderful husband and father. I think it is more important that he and my daughter both share the same religious beliefs and desire for God in their lives, rather than race. I enjoy learning from them. And their babies are a blessing to all who encounter them. If in doubt, pray, pray, pray and God will answer you.

Just Lost Four Family Members
God bless you jess and may He keep you strong. You are in my prayers.

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