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Force Us To Be Saved
Uh oh, this again...

I'm not stepping in it except to introduce the word "paradox."

Our God is the God of the paradox. He's God and yet man. He's unchangeable and yet became flesh, he's on the throne in Heaven and yet there's no escaping him, I could literally go on and on, but I think you mortals get the point. Some things are beyond explanation and I declare this to be one of them.

Paradox. Keep that word in mind.

Are Churches Politically Corrrectc
Strongaxe are you trying to antagonize me, get the last word, or win some obscure redundancy award? I really would like to know, what was that last post supposed to accomplish?

Are Churches Politically Corrrectc
Yes accept "legal" corruption if you want to defeatist moderator, I will not nor ever concede against an unjust and unwarranted tax system, and it's domestic terrorist counterpart central banking scam, you people are un-American to roll over and let corruption flourish. Thomas Jefferson said "dissension is the truest form of patriotism," and he was right. Silence is consent and anybody who doesn't denounce this economic terrorism is an enemy of the people. You may not like it but that's my opinion.

Are Churches Politically Corrrectc
"if you believe in the representation system our Constitution lays out, then it is "the will of the people"

In theory that makes sense.

However It is not, nor was it ever, nor will it ever be, the will of the people for their elected officials to take bribes (I can't prove this, but why else would they do it?) and approve what ALL OF THEIR CONSTITUANTS would say no to.

Misrepresentation is not representation, both the federal reserve act and the income tax act should be repealed. If every American were given a vote right now it would be. It's complete madness.

Are Churches Politically Corrrectc
"I believe SCOTUS has ruled income tax constitutional."

They have upheld the sixteenth amendment despite critical facts concerning it's questionable ratification. Also the "revenue act of 1861" was ruled unconstitutional, so the 16th amendment should have never been considered.

You cannot say it's the will of the people that everyone pay a federal income tax, it's NOT, and given the choice no one would pay it, so who exactly was being represented in Congress the day the 16th Amendment was voted on??? It's been proven that it's NOT needed to fund the Federal Government, it's purpose is to pay interest on the national debt, it's a scam by a private bank known as the "federal reserve."

Explain Acts 19:11-12
Nicole if you are saying that God is gracious to not despise our weakness of faith but would assuredly condescend to our limitation to set us free, I give you a whole-hearted and brotherly AMEN.

I add that it's a difficult task being set in a position to speak for God. I tend to wink at pastors who say things like "The Bible is the only revelation you'll ever get from God." If I could speak to him in the midst of the sermon I'd tell him 'no dear sir, that may be true for you because you refuse to see another perspective, but GOD is intimately relational, still very much desiring to be heard of his children.' So I give a pass to men of weak faith, but don't agree that they're "called" to lead a church.

Are Churches Politically Corrrectc
There IS not just freedom to assemble, but of conscience and freedom of expression. This 501c3 business has NOTHING to do with any of that, they are inalienable rights, and shall not be infringed. So if you're saying that a tax exempt status should limit the rights of expression FREE from government interference I say NAY to 501c3.

NOW SHOW ME a law where individual wages can be taxed directly without the money being directly apportioned to the people? (14th Amendment) The whole income tax system is unconstitutional except in the instance of corporations. THEREFORE the gifts of the people being of their wages, are not duly earned wages of a church, they are GIFTS GIVEN FREELY BY FREE MEN and are not taxable to begin with.

Saved By Following Bible
Excuse me but I quoted you.

Explain Acts 19:11-12
Paul has and apostolic anointing through the Holy Spirit.

A "working of miracles" was given as one of the nine spirit gifts named in 1 Corinthians 12:8-10.

It's a hotly contested debate as to whether apostolic anointings can exist today. I'm no cessationist and I say they don't need to for God to grant this gift. In gifts there are gifts that God directs, that type a person can't use it at-will (acts 13:9-11) unless God bestows that authority the way he did with the apostles. I have "worked miracles" through the Holy Spirit but I don't say I'm an apostle. I emphatically insist that the working of miracles is for the authentication of God's Gospel truth even in this age.

Saved By Following Bible
"I think it's fair to say, the Holy Spirit AKA GOD, does not join Himself with sinners."

It's also heretical. If that statement is true where is YOUR HOPE? If that statement is true NO ONE can be saved.

In all of this where is room for what Jesus said? He came "not to call the righteous bus sinners to repentance."

It's delusional (there I go using that word again talking about your beliefs) to think that a human being makes himself a new creature for God to enter. What you said proves you don't know him. That's not my opinion, if you really received the Holy Spirit you would already know that this is what made you a new creature and able to keep yourself from sin.

Are Churches Politically Corrrectc
No they're not political enough. The Johnson amendment was a mistake. I believe it's a pastor/teacher's right to thin his herd of politically challenged individuals by torquing them off and bolster the ranks of the faithful to stand behind candidates that represent Christian values. (let's face it most of these two party folks love their political stance a lil too much, maybe more than Jesus) This election for me was one where I actually voted Republican. (I'm not a demoncrat by the way) I'm libertarian, a constitutional fundamentalist above all things, and I believe Christians should be rising up and crushing the political system as a singular man, representing our master Jesus Christ for the glory of God. Let the redeemed of the Lord say so.

Saved By Following Bible
David, many have tried to explain the apparent differences betwix the gospel of Christ and the hyper grace teachings of Paul. All sorts of ideas have been cooked up to deal with this. One such is that Christ preached to a pre cross Israel,(John3:16?) another says there are two different gospels, in truth they are the same and should be reconciled. Even among the four gospels there is a marked difference in the tone of the writings between the synoptics and John's gospel. Harmonize those four and you'll see Paul preached the exact same message. My opinion is that different authors had different emphasis. Do a word search in Paul's letters on the word "if" and check out what you find.

Saved By Following Bible
I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say NO, they won't be saved by "ONLY" following Jesus' teachings in the gospels.

Jesus said that in the last day many would say Lord Lord, did we not do all these works...? You know how the saying ends. Either God saves us or we're lost.

That which is born of the flesh is flesh! Either you are born twice and die once or you're born once and die twice, but flesh and blood cannot inherit the Kingdom of God.

Love Your Enemies
In the case of Pope Francis, I do not believe these are the deluded rants of an aging fool. Far from it. These opinions mirror the talking points of our media, and they get their talking points from the council on foreign relations and the Tri-Lateral commission. Elements of the shadow government and global banking cabal bent on subverting this unique governmental experiment we call "America."

Their plan was steam rolling until TRUMP happened.

Love Your Enemies
"Christians are saying so much about Muslims, but little or nothing about native-born killers of unborn people.


---Bill on 2/20/17

Well I speak for me in saying that the Muslim situation if unchecked would be chaos upon chaos. Yes it's bad that we have abortion, but RIGHT NOW AS WE SPEAK in America there is an active disinformation campaign being spread concerning the danger/lack of danger in taking Islamic refugees. The Saudis took none for the longest time because "it would increase the risk of terrorism" in their country. This is a mistake where 1 bad egg can literally blow up the refrigerator. It's not more important, but to me it's more urgent.

Love Your Enemies
A distinction should be made, I debate Muslims all the time about THEIR religion, and you'd be shocked at how many of them don't know what's in their Qu'ran. Just Friday I opened the eyes of a man born into Islam here in the US and he didn't know Surah 5:51 that forbids him from taking Jews and Christians as friends.

So while most Muslims are decent people we should all be aware that their Qu'ran (in numerous passages) has ordered them to fight subdue and if necessary kill us. For some to get radical all it takes is for them to get serious about following their religion. This is why we shouldn't import Muslims.

Love Your Enemies
There's a difference between loving your enemies and giving up your life for them. Letting your enemy into your home is cruel to those that you love and are supposed to protect.

There comes a time for self sacrificial love, rarely is it for your enemies, yet this is exactly Jesus' example. Your job isn't to save the world though, his was. Be content, it's often enough that our own families hate us for Jesus and become enemies even if only for a while.

Loving sharks and swimming with them don't necessarily go together.

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