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Can God Heal A Diabetic
I have two boys that hsve Type 1 diabetes and I believe God can heal them! It's rare to have two children with diabetes but I know God can heal them! Both boys believe they can be healed!

Wish My Kids Stayed Home
It is great that you love your children so much!!! But do not make idols of them..Get yourself involved in a women's bible study-during school hours-you will meet other moms there. If you are not doing it already, I suggest you start taking walks or a yoga class or go work out somewhere, it will make you feel better about yourself and keep you healthy to be around as your children get older. You got to take care of yourself and God wants you to do that, to be in touch with Him and rely on HIm to fulfill your needs.

Should First Wife Tell Second Wife
I am currently divorcing husband for some very serious issues and behaviors he has imposed upon me and our kids. 17 years of lying and cheating and drug abuse and alcohol he has successfully hidden from me. Some men are consummate liars and know how to manipulate those who love them. you can offer wife #2 open conversation should she ever want it. That way she'll be more likely to trust you. My x is currently dating a naive 24 yr old girl (hes 39) because she isnt onto his scams yet.

Oil Appearing On Your Hands
i have seen and heard of oil appering on peoples hands. rose oil manifest on my hands when i am worshiping the lord.

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