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Governor Rick Perry
Aren't we all praying for an improvement in the econonomy?
Shouldn't our candidates pray as well?

The truth is the economy depends on the policies, not personalities, of those who govern. Obama, and apparently most people here, don't understand that the private sector is what grows the economy.

Over-regulate and/or over-tax business... the economy slumps. Nearly every piece of legislation signed by this pesident, including the health care bill, has hampered private business (or businesses fear it will). Almost every speech he makes is anti-business. Business owners and execs can't expand their companies on uncertainty. Some say they are just waiting for Obama to leave so their companies can grow. These people vote, too.

Can I Pray To Mary
gen 3:15 is talking about eve and not mary.

Prayer For The Dead
How do you prove that all the scriptures and gospels are true and not Macabees?

How do you prove when we have more than 1 bible being preached on earth is correct and not the others?

What Is The Shroud Of Turin
Why bother about proving the shroud is genuine if you believe He has risen.

Shouldn't we Christians should look forward than to look backward and start to arouse the curiousity for proof and arguement?

We do not live in that era and all we need to do is to have faith.

NoBody Ever Knows The Anti-Christ
When different denominations are trying to topple each other is an attempt to topple Christ by causing divisions.

This I believe is an act of anti-Christ.

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