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Pray To Jesus Or To God (75)
Critique Your Pastor's Sermons (23)
Full Armour Of God (17)
Why Do People Hold Grudges (44)
There Is No Condemnation (23)
How Control My Temper (33)
Apostle Paul In Fifth Dimension (45)
Are You A Holy Person (18)
Condition To Receive From God (38)
Why Was Levi The Priests (21)
How Does Grace Help (33)
Meaning Of Washing Feet (75)
How To Get Rid Of Pride (58)
Christians Like Violence (23)
Am I Out Of Christ (17)
How To Serve God (19)
Physical Position During Prayer (27)
What Do Churches Do On Sunday (75)
Does God Forgive Adultery (30)
Are Christian Conferences Good (14)
Negative Thoughts of His Ex-Wife (13)
Nothing Is Helping Me (24)
Fatality By Accident (19)
How Do I Trust My Husband (20)
How To Get Rid Of Anger (35)
Prayer To Receive Blessings (19)
A Member Gave Out Error (11)
What Is A Pure Offering (10)
Controlling Family Members (16)
Should We Follow Ungodly Leaders (21)
Military Chaplains To Pray (30)
Can I Trust My Husband Again (10)
Persistent Or Vain Repetition Pray (75)
Why Pray For Some People (13)
Church Prayer Lists (23)
Proper Way To Pray (41)
Forgive But Not Forget (75)
What Are Your Fears (25)
Grandmother Afraid Of Baptism (58)
God Only Near At Times (13)
When Does A Changed Life Begin (10)
Is Church Important To You (18)
Attend TV Church Or Local Church (31)
How To Have Communion (56)
Listening To God Important (25)
Can We Become Sinless (75)
Arrested For Praise Music Too Loud (56)
How To Grow In Christ (13)
Old Creation Versus The New (12)
Is Mel Gibson's Apology Sincere (36)
Taking God's Name In Vain (17)
Do We Need A Crucified Life (40)
Is Secular Music Okay (75)
Countries To Apologise For Slavery (75)
Why Do We Need To Pray (14)
Hours Per Week Watching TV (17)
Does Jesus Forgive Everything (52)
Convince A Non-Believer (14)
Mary Not Helping With The Meal (19)
Man Made For The Sabbath (40)
Okay To Watch Witchcraft Shows (75)
How Do We Grow In Christ (16)
Names Not To Call People (20)
What Is A Godly Person (16)
Church Membership Agreement (19)
How To Grow In Your Walk (17)
How Do You Stay Holy (63)
Mediator Versus An Intercessor (11)
A Woman Annointed Jesus (23)
I Have Watched 10 R Rated Movies (18)
What Is Your Favorite TV Show (75)
How Often Should Christians Pray (25)
What Bible Do You Study From (75)
Do You Party As A Christian (22)
Should We Dance In Church (72)
Mentally Abusive To My Wife (15)
Is Slain In The Spirit Fake (75)
What Can A Shy Person Do (12)
Who Is Kent Hovind (35)
Can You Prove The Pre-Rapture (39)
What Is Sanctification (28)
Follow The Word Or Tradition (29)
Can Christians Cheat On Taxes (16)
Proper Way To Worship God (10)
Church Run Like A MLM (23)
Pastor Or The People Minister (41)
Do You Bind And Loose Today (19)
How Have You Blessed Others (19)
Is God Hearing My Prayers (17)
Work The Crowd Up With Music (75)
Who Will Dare To Pray (15)
Can The Devil Hear Our Prayers (20)
Mediators Other Than Christ (26)
Should We Pray To Saints (75)
Can I Pray To Mary (75)
Pray About The Same Thing (14)
Global Prayer For All Faiths (10)
Where Do You Go To Church (35)
Sacrifices Make You Holy (20)
Poor Listen Better To The Gospel (14)
Are You A Person Of Faith (10)
Do You Believe Your Church (41)
Is The Bible Our Authority (51)
Explain The Lord's Prayer (23)
Christian Doesn't Believe Bible (58)
Ten Commandments Weekend (64)
This Is A Prayer Blog (32)
My Daughter Has Heart Problem (15)
Does God Keep His Promises (75)
Praying For A Husband (75)
God Hear Prayers Of Sinners (75)
What Is Interceeding (10)
How Do You Pray (20)
Testimonials In Your Church (13)
Are You Following Christ (75)
Can We Cause A Salvation (15)
I Can't Lose This Weight (23)
Who Are The Sons Of God (18)
Did God Give Moses The Law (57)
Who Is Anti-Israel (24)
Why Doesn't God Talk To Me (75)
What Is Church Order (16)
Adam Head Over Eve (38)
Who Was The Church Authority (14)
Suffering With Fibromyalgia (12)

   Prayer For Breast Cancer (30)
What Is A Rod (18)
Should We Pray To Many Gods (23)
Ever Seen A Prayer Answered (22)
Vain Repetitions In Prayer (23)
Mary Told Touch Me Not (43)
Is The Bible Faith And Facts (21)
Pray Out Loud Or Unspoken (36)
Thy Will Be Done On Earth (22)
What Are You Believing God For (16)
Prayer For Their Healing (26)
Land Of The Free (14)
How To Start A Fast (14)
Should We Demand Justice (12)
Should Women Be Preachers (75)
What Was Adam (19)
Lie About Santa Claus Acceptable (55)
Pharaoh Stop Hardening Of Heart (32)
No Anthority Over A Man (75)
Tell Your Kids Your Mistakes (14)
How Can We Pray (11)
What Is Divination (13)
Pray For President Bush (55)
Is A Spiritual Covering Needed (37)
Is The Bible The Authority (75)
Pray For ChristiaNet Family Forum (27)
How Should We Pray (34)
Prayer To Stop Smoking (75)
Holocaust Punishment From God (75)
Please Pray For My Bad Back (10)
Need A Prayer For The Sick (10)
God Does Not Speak To Me (75)
Please Pray For My Parents (11)
Please Pray For This Missionary (20)
Pray To Make Someone Love You (75)
Pray For Hurricane Toward Florida (21)
Can A Cheater Change (18)
Women In Leadership Roles (43)
Why Does God Want Us To Fast (25)
What Is A Stronghold (16)
Can A Woman Be A Bishop (75)
How To Become Righteous (75)
Am I Still A Virgin (25)
Should My Wife Take Me Back (20)
Prayer For Earthquake Victims (12)
Pushy Lady In Our Church (14)
Where Is The True Praise Music (61)
I Don't Love My Fiancee (18)
Are Divorced Christians Failures (24)
Was Judas Forgiven (75)
ChristiaNet Ceo On Hurricane Rita (27)
Giving Makes Me Feel Guilty (21)
How Do You Study The Bible (34)
How Do You Stay Pure (15)
How Can I Save My Marriage (75)
Considerations For Marriage (12)
Are Men To Rule Over Their Wife (42)
Message From The President (17)
Should Only Men Work Not Women (75)
How Do I Seek God (30)
Home Church Differences (11)
How to Clear My Good Name (15)
Race and Class Part of Rescue (61)
What's Wrong With These Looters (30)
Husband Puts Me Down (45)
Why Are Some Pastors Lazy (75)
My Mother-In-Law Is A Pain (16)
Can We Call God Jehovah (32)
What Is The Proper Way To Pray (13)
Stop Confessing A Christian (17)
Name Some Good Worship Music (70)
Forgiveness For Divorce (18)
Metal Music Good As A Christian (75)
You Must Be More Specific (15)
Left Husband So Now What (21)
I Can't Forgive Myself (56)
How Do I Communicate (12)
Prenup Has Me Mad (28)
Do I Tell Husband Of 3 Affairs (17)
Pastor Hides Church's Financials (36)
What Affects Spiritual Maturity (11)
Leave Your Spouse For Abuse (20)
Where Are The Single Christians (13)
Obedient To An Angry Husband (75)
Turn The Other Cheek (27)
How To Cool Off Desires (41)
I Can't Stay With This Man (10)
My Husband Claimed Christianity (14)
I Left My Church And Then Returned (27)
I Am Not The Father 31 Years Later (24)
How To Make A Man Change (24)
How To Get Back Together (11)
Husband Left Me For A Man (11)
Get Out Of A Christian Marriage (28)
Blanket Over Your Joy (17)
Husband Doesn't Defend Me (17)
My Mother's Altar (17)
Do I Drop The Legal Charges (15)
Marry Fast Or Burn (11)
How Do I Get My Wife Back (13)
Can We Recite Prayers (16)
Where Is My Future Husband (75)
My Boyfriend Died (75)
I Use Bad Words Toward Husband (17)
How To Honor Family Members (11)
Is Smoking Wrong (41)
Should Christians Use Curse Words (44)
How Has God Corrected You (19)
What Was Eve Role (44)
Pray For London England (19)
Women To Be Silent In Church (59)
How Do I Make The Pain Stop (19)
Tell Someone Not Interested (12)
Do You Have Any Praises (28)
How Do I Move On (20)
Often I Feel Like A Hypocrite (16)
My Female Boss Is Fussy (16)
My Man Doesn't Look After Me (13)
Are Instruments In Church Evil (75)
Commit Adultery And Go To Heaven (75)
Are You Truely A Christian (15)
Should I Leave My Church (17)
How Do I Understand God (10)
Ex-Husband Is A Preacher (16)
What Can I Do To My Husband (19)

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