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Who is Joyce Meyer?

Who is Joyce Meyer? Does Joyce Meyer's ministry promote Biblical teachings, ecumenical doctrines or a false gospel?

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 ---The Seeker on 10/22/05
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It's amazing to me how quick people are to point fingers and judge, even though as Christians we have been very specifically told not to. Joyce Meyer has a beautiful, Spirit-filled ministry that has been making an impact on Christian's lives for years. Anger, bitterness and a haughty, judgmental spirit are certainly not fruits of the Spirit. We are all part of the body of Christ and maybe you can do things and reach people she can cannot. Maybe I can do things and reach people you cannot, and maybe Joyce can do things and reach people neither of us ever could. The hands do not and can not do what the ears do... and so on through-out the whole body. So instead of spewing poison, we should offer our prayers for her.
---Heather on 3/12/09

The lust of the eyes starts in that person's mind.
What turns you on turns another off.
Brother, Jesus said when a man looks at a woman....
He didn't say when a woman is wearing these clothes and you look at her...
The fault is upon the one doing the looking.
If I see a man jogging without a shirt on, I avert my eyes because that is a temptation for me.
I don't blame HIM for MY weakness.
Lust of the eyes might be your weakness. If it is, brother, don't look, avert your eyes, "pluck it out"
~God Bless you~
---miche3754 on 1/28/09

The truth will set you free!
WOrd of knowlege,,

To not be dressed Godly enough creates the lust of the eyes, and to create the Lust of the eyes is to create fornication in the Body of Christ,!!

there is something wrong with a women on stage showing off her curver no matter how hold she is,

what would that look like is shw were young comig on the stage like that??? Ask yourself??

God is the same yestersday today and forever

If she has the Holy Ghost, she is not obeying the conviction!!
Saul from the old testiment , did not think he had to obey the word of the lord neither!

Acts 2 and 38 Repent be baptized in the name of Jesus and recieve the free gift of the HOly GHost,
---MEl_Reed on 1/28/09

For sure at one point she was all about money. She got in trouble with the IRS even I think, and for sure was in trouble with her board of directors. She was caught embezzling millions from the ministry fund, using her private jet to fly her family members to Colorado ski vacations, she had hired several family members to "work" for her ministry at insane high salaries. She bought them expensive homes, and she had a high priced Colorado ski home she had misused. In the end, she confessed, and was ordered to pay back all the money. I suppose we should offer grace because she "repented", but I don't intend to offer her any money. She already makes enough from her book sales.
---obewan on 12/24/08

How sad.... that so many Christians have commented with bitterness and hate. If there is a Speaker that you do not wish to watch or listen to ,by all means turn the channel, then pray for them.Where is your love?
Joyce Myers, John Hagee, Joel Osteen, from time to time I watch them... if their message is not accurate with the Holy Bible then I don't apply it to my life. Everything needs to be done with prayer.
Let's not publicly riducule these people.. it is not our place to do so.

---Lee on 12/22/08

Gee I cant belive that alot of you people are putting down tv preachers . God has used them to save a lot of souls.What about all the people that cant get out to go to church?Alot of people get saved watching tv. then find a good bible base church to get into.Maybe you should spend time praying for these men and women of God.
---pat_heil on 12/16/08

James 1:26 If anyone among you thinks himself to be religious while he doesn't bridle his tongue, but deceives his heart, this man's religion is worthless.
---Joann on 10/9/08

Whew! Jeff, I'm gonna take a wild guess here and assume you do NOT LIKE Joyce Meyers, or think much of her husband either? Whew! You do have quite a way with words! Mary
---Mary on 4/10/08

Joyce Myers is a pathetic witch, ordaining herself in costly array,paradeing around as a prostitute, tacky at her very best. Dressing like a 16 year old. Bringing nothing but shame to the true Body of Christ which she and none of her followers have any part of. She cannot even understand the milk of the Word of God. How will she ever get the meat. The weightier matters of the truth which she appareantly knows nothing about. Her husband has obviously became like a women, as the scripture forwarned.Jeff
---Jeff on 4/10/08

AS for Joyce Meyers (and other TV evangelists)...

Many people only see shadows on TV. They see only two dimentional beings having no flesh and blood. People enjoy watching these evangelists for their TV personalities and that's it. Try, if you can, meeting these people in person when their guard is down, they have completely different personalities. Christianity is based upon fellowship where people know each other intimately like in home churches. And that's how you really grow as a Christian.
---Steveng on 1/3/08

Run to your TV's at the appointed hour and be sure to get your little false sermonette for the day.
God to Hosea, "my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge"
People, forget the TV hucksters and get your faces in the word of God and let the Holy Spirit teach you.
---Chipper on 12/28/07

Carla, Amen.
Nicholette, If you are talking about the reference to the book of life I meant it.
Scripturally speaking, her name "may not" be there because of what she does.
Although I be nothing that is my warning for babes in Christ to listen carefully to what she says and seek it out in scripture for themselves.
If it was in reference to Catherine feeding a pet, well, maybe she should do something constructive instead of daring people to do this or that.
May God bless.
---Frank on 12/20/07

Wow Frank. Your blog started out so well and spiritually steadfast in making your point.....and then, your last statement contradicts everything you said. I thought Jesus brought mercy for all and if He had mercy for even a convicted criminal beside Him on the cross then why would He not show mercy for Joyce Meyers IF what she is preaching is incorrect?

You seem intent on damning anyone who does not follow YOU.
---Nicolette on 12/20/07

I dare you to speak the name Lord.
---catherine on 12/19/07

Don't you have a pet to feed or something?
Maybe a litter box to clean?
Something constructive?

---Frank on 12/19/07

Well said Carla5754! Preach the Word be instant in season and out!
---ShaunT on 12/19/07

And a fleshly attempt at that! Full of pride and lacking the fear of God.
Diligence and perseverence can be taught without name calling and mocking those in need.
Her actions were unbecoming a minister of the word of God.
---Frank on 12/19/07

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I dare you to speak the name Lord. Joyce Meyer was trying to make a point to all of us dummies. The point that she was making was for us not to give uo.
---catherine on 12/19/07

I watched Joyce Meyers rail out against the man at the pool of Bethesda, calling him a crybaby and whining.

It is a shame that so many will not even see the spirit of pride that allows one to speak against someone the Lord had mercy on.
The spirit she spoke from will only damn her and those who follow her. Pride goes before a fall.

At least he was counted worthy to have his story used in the word of God.
Her name may not be in any book the Lord uses. Mainly the Book of Life.
---Frank on 12/19/07

Chipper: "For a little over a year now I have been teaching a Bible class in a private home. There is only about 6 or 7 of us..."

Now it's time to grow your vine as the apostles did. Train those 6 or 7 to be leaders and have each start their own home churches. You are training apostles now. Keep in constant contact with the leaders (phone, snail mail, e-mail, etc). Follow the examples of the book of Acts. Praying your the best of the Glory of God.
---Steveng on 12/18/07

Originaly the Church met in homes.

For the past 20 plus years I have been attending a small non-denominational Bible Church which began as an in home Bible Study. We take our name from Acts 17:11.

I guess we will always be a small congregation because we do go through the Bible verse by verse.
---Rob on 12/18/07

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Shirley--well said.
---Tommy on 12/18/07

I have said this for many years that the day will come when true Christians will have to gather secretly to worship and study the Bible.
For a little over a year now I have been teaching a Bible class in a private home. There is only about 6 or 7 of us but we have learned more in a year than years of going to church. We are being drawn into a personal relationship with God and the Lord Jesus. Praise His Holy Name.
---Chipper on 12/18/07

The true church during the soon-to-come tribulation will be similar to the churches in China today. They will need to hide their worshipping from the public.

All throughout history Christians and Jews escaped oppression. The tribulation is no different. There will be a time when Christians will follow the "underground railroad" to Christian safe havens.
---Steveng on 12/16/07

I suggest looking into home churches where the participants are intimately close with each other which helps each person grow in Christ and have a closer relationship with God.
---Steveng on 12/16/07

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Tommy,I actually didn't know Joyce Meyer taught that.Maybe because I don't watch her.God doesn't need to be born again.Who would believe that? I read the Bible for myself and use the brain God gave me.I do like leaving the judging to God.I do know I personally could not own million dollar homes and ride in Rolls Royce,Jets etc.knowing their are sick,hungry people I could help.I'm not saying it's wrong to have a really nice home or vehicles but God wants us to help as our Lord did.Again God will judge.
---shirley on 12/16/07

I love Joyces realness, I don't think she leaves one stone un-turned on ANY TOPIC she is as transparent as clear glass on a spring day, right after the rain, like a wind, she is sooooo refreshing.
---Whisper on 12/16/07

Myers and all the other large church preachers have one single problem - they don't have intimate relationship with each person in their congregation and therefore have no real relationship with God. The preachers on TV are nothing but shadows on the TV screen, two dimensional people. People, especially the TV watchers, like them only for their charismatic preaching. They do not know REALLY the person on stage.
---Steveng on 12/16/07

A true woman of God will be obedient to the Word of God and teach women 1/2 Titus to love their [Ist] husbands Matth 19:9, and also teach children. Being saved does not give you the right to divorce your husband unless he commits Fornication/Adultery. A woman should not usurp Authority above the man Or teach the Church when she has a husband quite capable to doing that job, but rather should be silent and learn from him. If she has been divorced for any other reason she should remain SINGLE! Coritnhin 7.
---Carla5754 on 12/16/07

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Joyce is a lady trying to be a pastor. 1 Timothy 10but with good deeds, appropriate for women who profess to worship God.

11A woman should learn in quietness and full submission. 12I do not permit a woman to teach or to have authority over a man, she must be silent. 13For Adam was formed first, then Eve. 14And Adam was not the one deceived, it was the woman who was deceived and became a sinner.
---Victoria on 12/15/07

The time has come, the harvest is ripe.Those who reject the Son of man bring condemnation upon themselves.The "Believers Information Network" holds the key.
---duke on 12/15/07

How do answer the question about her teachings when her teachings change all the time? Somebody made a comment to me years ago and I blew it off. But they were right. "Most of the preachers on TV are frauds but most of the preachers on radio are legitimate." There are exceptions both ways, but that's a good general rule.
---Greyrider on 12/14/07

shirley--That is great,but Joyce stated that Jesus was born-again in Hell and that is Blasphemous and impossible.If Jesus was born-again,he would have had to have known Sin,and therefore could not and would not have been the Supreme and sufficient sacrifice for mankind.He took upon our sins,but was without sin.I am greatful for your born-again experience and I do like what you said--There was a change made.That is the born-again experience--your life is not the same as it was before.
---Tommy on 12/7/07

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Joyce Myers teaches you must be born again and that is for sure.Until I was born again 25 years ago I thought that was a figure of speech.When I was born again I felt totally new and like a child and had total victory over my bad tongue.
---shirley on 12/6/07

Let's see how real Joyce is.
She has millions.
Everyone that has honestly tried to pay their bills and come short write and ask her for a loan.
Also, write and ask her to come to your house to pray for your needs.
A true shepherd of God will do the above for his flock!
Paul wrote that his hands laboured for his needs and those who were with him.
My guess is that Joyce won't do it.
---Frank on 12/5/07

Pt.5--Meyer teaches the classic Born-Again Jesus gospel that has been taught by Copeland, Kenneth Hagin, Fred Price, John Jacobs, Charles Capps, Benny Hinn and Jan Crouch, to name a few. Its usually presented under the guise of revelation knowledge, given by the Holy Spirit and grounded in Scripture. However, this gospel does not stand up under biblical scrutiny.
---Tommy on 12/5/07

Pt.1--Meyer can be classified as a Word-Faith teacher and as such has shown an inclination to waffle on major doctrines. In her 1991 booklet, The Most Important Decision You Will Ever Make, an evangelistic work aimed at nonbelievers, she resounds the Word-Faith view of Christs atonement:
---Tommy on 12/5/07

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Pt.2-During that time He entered hell, where you and I deserved to go (legally) because of our sin.He paid the price there,no plan was too extreme.Jesus paid on the cross and in hell(pg. 35,underlining in the original).God rose up from His throne and said to demon powers tormenting the sinless Son of God,Let Him go.Then the resurrection power of Almighty God went through hell and filled Jesus,He was resurrected from the dead,the first born-again man(pg.36,underlining in the original).
---Tommy on 12/5/07

Pt.3--His spirit went to hell because that is where we deserved to go. Remember in the very beginning of this, I said,When you die, only your body dies. The rest of you, your soul and spirit, goes either to heaven or hell.There is no hope of anyone going to heaven unless they believe this truth I am presenting. You cannot go to heaven unless you believe with all your heart that Jesus took your place in hell.Jesus went to hell for you(pg.38,underlining in the original).
---Tommy on 12/5/07

Pt.4--All of the above citations are from her chapter entitled, What Should You Believe?. The first subheading in this chapter is What Happened on the Cross?. Those familiar with Word-Faith vernacular will recall Kenneth Copeland's 1984 tape, What Happened From the Cross to the Throne. Copeland apparently borrowed the title and theme from E.W. Kenyons book by the same name.
---Tommy on 12/5/07

Jeremiah 17:9 The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?

Proverbs 3:5 Trust in the LORD with all thine heart, and lean not unto thine own understanding.
6 In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.
7 Be not wise in thine own eyes: fear the LORD, and depart from evil.
---Chipper on 12/5/07

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One common thread through all Joyce Meyer's teachings is the importance of developing a personal relationship with God. Until a Christian does this with daily, due diligence, how can he/she make a decision? Joyce challenges her audience to apply her teachings through relationship with the Lord... not through piggybacking off of other peoples' blessings, preachings or experiences. How can anything that teaches putting God first, as our #1 priority, be false? I've asked my heart, she is true.
---CJ on 11/15/07

I have listened to Joyce Meyers a few times, but I cannot judge her, and I refuse to, because only God can see the heart of us all. I do believe that she is somewhat of a feel-good teacher, but I will not say that she is not truly a born again child of God. Only God knows. I love to hear a teacher or preacher that is hard hitting and as I have stated in previos post "step on yor toes" preaching. One that our Lord Jesus Christ is glorified in all His Glory and Splendor. Amen!
---Cynthia on 10/2/07

Joyce Meyer is amazing because what GOD DOES THROUGH HER is awesome.
---Holly on 10/2/07

Joyce Meyer is amazing because what GOD DOES THROUGH HER is awesome.
---Holly on 10/2/07

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splaaa - I'm very skeptical about TBN but JM seems to really be on target - real life practical Christianity. Not too much fluff and she speaks to woman.
I like Jack Hayford (spirit filled teaching)
Ed Young for real life chastity issues
Wayne Monbleau for a spiritual mentor (radio)
---Andrea on 10/1/07

Back in the days of Jim and Tammy Backer I was a baby Christian and occasionally watched certain Christian televion shows and one that I did not miss was Joyce Meyer's. I was so hungry for knowledge and she was able to feed me. Her shows were meaty. I have no idea what she is like now. But in those days she did not teach doctrine by rather lessons regarding Christian living using scripture from both old and new Testament.
---splaa6685 on 10/1/07

1) Thanks's wonderful how the Lord worked on your hubby. I have told my friend to not "preach" to her husband, but through her actions and the changes God has made in her, he will see the Lord. Like the bible says, God will use the Gentiles to provoke the Jews to jealousy. I just hope she continues on with God instead of trying to stay "equally yoked" in a sense with her husband.
---Holly4jc on 10/1/07

2) Seems like she does not want to change too much because they are trying to have a baby and she wants their relationship to remain "status quo" we just need to keep praying for her.
---Holly4jc on 10/1/07

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Holly - encourage your friend to witness to her husband with her love and not her words.

My husband wasn't saved for about 10 years after me, but he saw real changes in me and could not deny God in me and he liked the changes.
---Andrea on 10/1/07

1) There is a girl I was working with that I started to bring to church with me and she got saved. At first, she watched Joyce Meyer all the time and I saw tremendous growth in her walk with the Lord. Lately she has stopped watching her and told me that when she watches Joyce, she always feels like she (my friend) is doing something wrong and feels bad and she does not like feeling that way.
---Holly4jc on 9/30/07

2) Well...what she is failing to understand is that Joyce preaches straight from the hip and what my friend is feeling is the conviction of the Holy Spirit in areas that God wants to change in her. Well, unfortunately, my friend feels she is good the way she is and really does not need change. I think she is not wanting to change anymore because her husband is not saved and she had told me that the more she gets into the Lord, the further apart her and her husband...
---Holly4jc on 9/30/07

3) ...seem because he does not conduct himself in a Christ-like manner (besides him being of Jewish background), so I think she wants to stay the same rather than rock the boat anymore. So sad. But...I know that Joyce's teachings can be tough and really makes you look at yourself. Not easy at times!

Please keep my friend in your prayers...her name is Lisa and pray for her husband to get saved. Thanks! :-)
---Holly4jc on 9/30/07

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That is alright, Andrea. And thank you. It was I that Chris was attacking just because I could not come up with a good answer on that there slain in the spirit question. I enjoy Jouce Meyer too. And I know she preaches differently, but I also know that she is from God. Someday I will be preaching differently. Mainly on the judgment, hell, and Satan. I can only amagine what's in store for me. Ha. Thanks again. Have a great week. ++
---catherine on 10/1/07

catherine - I've been a christian a long time and I find JM's teachings far above most of the televagelists. She's for real. My church is going to rent a bus to go to her Hershey PA conference in Oct.07.

be blessed - don't let these skeptics stop you from listening to good teaching
---Andrea on 9/30/07

Joyce Meyer is a wonderful person. Why are you troubled by her? I have been helped so much by her t.v. shows and her tapes. She tells it in terms I can understand. Please give her a chance.
---Paula on 9/30/07

For your information chris I was saved when I was in church three years ago. And for your information I was not sure that what I came across was in reference to what you were looking for. If I were you, I would not be so all fire quick to judge a woman of God. Do you fear God, at all? Obviously the answer has to be NO! One other thing, a person can posess knowledge of the Bible and still be lost. At least I tried to find something on Slain in the spirit. You are a know it all.
---catherine on 9/30/07

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I find alot of WISDOM in her teachings. But, the BIG problem is the "seemingly small" problem of naming "her" ministry after herself. For that can become a snare that leads to PRIDE. And we know that "Pride goeth before a fall". This is to GOD's Ministry and to put her own name in the forefront is a way of robbing GOD of His due Glory. This goes for ANY leader of ANY ministry.
---Gordon on 9/30/07

Every time I see this woman on TV my spirit is troubled.
---Chris on 9/30/07

Proverbs 19:17 He that hath pity upon the poor lendeth unto the LORD, and that which he hath given will he pay him again.

Try asking any of the WoF people for financial help. Good luck.
---Chipper on 8/28/07

read the scriptures realize Jesus never talked about how poor His disciples were, all destitute, but realize that Jesus picked saavy, self supporting businessmen, municiple bond dealers, and basically those who are proven in business, to run this ministry. In Acts 16:14 Lydia was a woman that owned a purple cloth textile company that shipped around the world. You have to understand, that purple dye was unique to Thyratira, and all ceromonies used puple clothing around the world. Whats word of faith?
---tony on 8/28/07

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I don't know what kind of finances Christ had - he had a treasurer, but I do know that he was honest in his dealings.

I live the prosperity message. But if I told you - sure enough someone would call me a liar.

Today I ask God for spiritual blessings. but I don't limit Him - He can give pressed down shaken together exceedingly a....

Its just not about that --it doesn't compare to the knowledge of Christ as my savior.
---Andrea on 8/27/07

"Jesus talked more about money than any other subject, other than the Kingdom of God. # 2 was about money. Stop wallowing in poverty and lack-mindedness. It is a stronghold of the enemy. God is a God of abundance read Gen.24-35.
---tony on 8/26/07"

Are you rolling in the dough, tony?
You are in unison with Word of Faith doctrines, has it trickled on down to you?
All the dough at the top, that is.
---LisaB. on 8/27/07

Religion and old traditional churches have brainwashed the church to believe that Jesus was poor. The evidence shows otherwise. A carpenter is not a day laborer it is a skilled worker. The disciples thought Jesus meant when He said there is a betrayer in our midst that Judas had been stealing money. If they thought he was by his lifestyle that reflected more than his earnings, but they weren't sure, meaning there was always plenty in the ministry treasury, then there must have been an abundance.
---tony on 8/26/07

Poverty is of the devil. Keeping people in poverty mindedness, keeps cashflow out of the church. Churches cannot operate without funds. Jesus talked more about money than any other subject, other than the Kingdom of God. # 2 was about money. Stop wallowing in poverty and lack-mindedness. It is a stronghold of the enemy. God is a God of abundance read Gen.24-35.
---tony on 8/26/07

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I don't think Jesus was rich (newest teaching on TBN) but the kings brought gifts - gold & spices - these were very valuable. But Jesus was a carpenter - considered a day laborer then

when the Queen of Sheba came to see Solomon she brought tons of gold. How much gold would three kings be bringing the savior?
---Andrea on 8/26/07

Chipper we have a 3rd baseman named chipper. Jesus was born in a stable because there was no room at the Inn. Remember the mandatory census Herod demanded? Everyone had to return to their city of origin, so the inns were full. Joseph was a successful carpenter. When the magi left them they left a 'gift fit for a king.' Gold, frankincense, and muir. On todays market about $300,000 worth. Plenty to last them in Egypt.
---tony on 8/25/07

If the apostles were far from rich why did they need an treasurer? How did Peter leave his 3rd generation fishing fleet for 3 years have it to go back to after the death of Christ? Why did the Roman gaurds cast lots over Jesus one of a kind seamless garment? Mattew as a tax collector sold bonds as the roman empire was the first to do so. Mattew was a chief tax collector, did he work for free? Shall I go on? The guy in rags was for todays people.
---tony on 8/25/07

tony said "Who would listen to a preacher in rags on a street corner?"

Matthew 3:4 And the same John had his raiment of camel's hair, and a leathern girdle about his loins, and his meat was locusts and wild honey.

tony you really need to get some comprehension of the scriptures.

The apostles were far from rich.
Jesus was born in a stable. Later, scripture says: but the Son of man hath not where to lay his head.
---Chipper on 8/25/07

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I can't vouch for JM's motives - I can see the results. To paint all evangelists with the same ugly brush is wrong.

Phl 1:17 The former preach Christ out of selfish ambition, not sincerely, supposing that they can stir up trouble for me while I am in chains.[fn3]

Phl 1:18 But what does it matter? The important thing is that in every way, whether from false motives or true, Christ is preached. And because of this I rejoice.

Yes, and I will continue to rejoice
---Andrea on 8/25/07

What is it about preacha haters? If God promoted you to a worldwide ministry would you decline to lead thousands to Christ? It is all about souls. You guys are intimidated by prosperity because you don't have any. And lack the faith to recieve. You probably don't tithe either. Who would listen to a preacher in rags on a street corner? I guess all of you 'haters' would follow this type of virtuous, selfless preacher.
---tony on 8/25/07

Jim Jones and David Koresh and others also felt they were doing Gods will.

Mark 13:22 For false Christs and false prophets shall rise, and shall shew signs and wonders, to seduce (deceive), if it were possible, even the elect.

Do we think we're too smart to be deceived ???
---Chipper on 8/25/07

A lot of these TV personality "actor" preachers will give you a whole lot of truth with a "hook" on the end of it.
Beware of the "mixture" of truth and falsehoods.
One has to have a lot of discernment today to be able to sort the truth from the fiction... and there's a ton of fiction.

A lot of people who listen to these "preachers" are too lazy to study the Bible for themselves.
---Chipper on 8/25/07

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the only thing i have to say about that is that some peoples when god has brought them out of a miry ditch they tend to forget him.never the less the word tells us at 1 chron.16v22 do not touch my anointed and do my prophets no harm..god
---mae_osborn on 8/24/07

JM does not say that she is God's prophet - if her teaching is off some days well she is in public a lot more then your pastor - so all her mistakes are public.
Obviously we disagree on scripture.

I take exception to the comment about advising people to go to a professional psychotherapist - do you go to a medical doctor?

Have you ever tried to get pastorial counseling - its a terrible burden on the pastor and there are many Christain therapists.
---Andrea on 8/24/07

some of us here may not like these here evangelists but have you brought thousands to God as these here people did? Stop judging those doing the work in the fields..all too often we judge and criticise those who deligently do God's work and believe in what theyre doing is I dont agree with all their preachings, but there are some truths in it...I am very much encouraged by Joel Osteens is very uplifting..
---jana on 8/24/07

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