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Who is Juanita Bynum?

Who is Juanita Bynum? Does Juanita Bynum's ministry promote Biblical teachings, ecumenical doctrines or a false gospel?

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 ---The Seeker on 10/22/05
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Anyone who follows the command which is found in 2 Timothy 2:14-19 along with following the example found Acts 17:11, will know the actions and teachings of Juanita Bynumn are those which are found in 2 Peter Chapter 2, and Romans 1:18-32.
---Rob on 1/16/09

Hello everyone. my name is Deno. I've read this whole blog because it seemed interesting. But I say to all of you talking about openly confession and stuff. Question: will you confess your sins openly to a public? would you confess your sin of maybe fornication or masterbation out for everyone to know? No. so we can't poit fingers at prophetess bynum. If she claims to be a prophet leave it. Pray about it. Let God handle it. No I don't agree with some of the things she says but she has led many...more than me to Christ. she is annointed. If she is wrong God will deal with that. He that is without sin or fault... Don't judge her people.
---Deno on 1/15/09

I believe we are to judge righteously in other words judge what is right her actions are clearly on the false preachers doctrine side.

You have various places on line where you can visibly see what she actually says which is contrary to christian belief.

The words come out of her own mouth. Insinuating how to Take care of your husband sexually, Advocating you send her a great deal of money, come on brethren were not blind, ignorant of right/wrong.

She can Repent and I hope she has.
---Carla5754 on 6/23/08

#1 Sade, we are servants of God. Not servants of Juanita. If anyone, it is OUR responsibility to make sure what the preacher is saying is right. If churches have an "Amen corner" they should also have a "No way" corner. We have patted these preachers on the back so much they can say whatever they want and expect thunderous applause. Juanita Bynum has blurted countless error and cliamed God to be speaking through her. She is careless in her preaching.
---j._nonymous on 2/11/08

#2 God is no respecter of persons. Neither should we be. Our only question concerning any preaching should be "Is it the truth?" as outlined in the Bible. I know all preachers make mistakes and thats one thing... it's another thing to preach your opinion as if God himself said it. TV preachers make blanket statements about complicated topics because an oversimplified faith is an easy sell. A well thought out faith, though more dependable, is not as marketable.
---j._nonymous on 2/11/08

#3 It is not our job to make the preacher feel good about what he is saying. He should feel good because his preaching is aligned with the Bible. We need to stop doing so much back-patting with these TV preachers. It's hard to pat them on the back anyway... Their own hands are usually in the way.
---j._nonymous on 2/11/08

I think that as Christian we are judging a woman of god. Who are we but servants that god has placed on this earth to serve him. Juanita Bynum has brought many people to god by her teachings and music that she has released. As people of god we need to pray instead of talking about this Great Woman of GOD.
---Sade on 2/10/08

I do not not know much about her ministry, except of late that i watched a vcd of one of her programme on 'mercy seat'. However and whatever, finding faults in her does not help christainity, but rather we pray for her. God bless you
---jef_nigeria on 1/20/08

It's clear that she needs prayer her focus is all wrong and her fruits do not show Christ's love for her fellow husband both of them are in eror of the word and right now instead of trying to launch a career as an ambassador of battered wives, she should openly confess that she sinned against God and repent of all wrong doing, which is not hard to do unless she has lots of money to lose.
---Carla5754 on 1/7/08

Some just don't read their Bibles. You do expose sin and sinner. Also, leaders are doubly held accountable. and to live a blameless life. Not hide behind an anointing while committing simony, greed self-promotion. Gifts are gifts and fruit is fruit,and I say its rotten. Everybody except the Church sees the obvious. These people are using the light of the cross as their spotlight. Keep your eye on Jesus, stop exalting flawed flesh. stop being blind enablers
---David on 1/4/08

Please matter what church you attend..look up the scriptures for yourself that you will never be deceived..In the scriptures it is clear as to what a prophet is...If you have been under the television teaching..please find a local church where you can be discipled and encouraged...
---Mary on 11/8/07

Juanita bynum is a talented entertainer,using the gospel as her genre
---Michael on 11/6/07

Someone made a comment that she should have seen this coming if she was a true prophet. That's not true, read Isaiah, concerning the Shumnite woman when her son hit his head. Isaiah did'nt know she was in distress the Lord hid it from him. There would be know need for God if we just knew everything. God will reveal to us in His way and His time. She is anointed I would'nt touch her if I was you, her anointing did'nt come from man but from God. Who are we to judge a servant of the Lord? Pray amen!
---valerie on 10/19/07

My heart goes out to Juanita Bynum and her spouse,Bishop Weeks. They have gotten caught up in the media,money, egos, pride and every trick of satan ,is lurking around them. You have to be really strong and in the will of God to stand up under this type of lifestyle they are trying to lead.
God have mercy. Look like the same thing is happening to Joel Osteen, his family and church. I pray they know how to put the devil in His place.
---Robyn on 10/19/07

Amen to that!!!!!
---J-Dolo on 10/19/07

Yes, all of that is true, but the rest of us aren't holding our hands out or taking money out of pocketbooks so that 'profits' can fly first class, fly around the stage in designer duds, live like kings. Most of these people wouldn't give you a ride home if you flagged their limo down, while you stood in the rain on the curb.
---Bigfoot on 10/19/07

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God bless her and her whole family. None of us are perfect and I'm sure that none of us know 100% of the bible and what God is trying to teach us. His ways are not our ways. I have to remind myself of that all of the time. We all need the Lord's help.
---Angela on 10/18/07

I feel that we all need to pray for Sista Bynum and Mr Weeks, because they both are on a platform they need more prayer because they are seen by thousands live and millions across the world. Yeah we can say the enemy, but we also have to examine ourselves. Before we are quick to judge, do we have all our info on what happened between the two?
---J-Dolo on 10/17/07

Juanita Bynum is a woman who does not possess the qualifications of prophetess. She is however a woman we pray for. That she be given understanding of God's word. She is not the only one for there are many who are confused due to wanting their will mixed in with God's will and it never works for obedience is more than sacrifice.
---Mary on 10/5/07

I just listened to her address asking for 200,000 dollars for a new threshing floor. God doesnt care where you pray . She made it seem like if she didnt get this 200,000 dollars then she wouldnt be able to pray for everyone. Is she going to live in this place?? Lake front?. Juanita Baynum realized that people ARE WILLING TO DO ANYTHING FOR SOMEONE THEY THINK IS THEIR LEADER. Why didnt she just pay for it? JUANITA BAYNUM wont even use her own money to have a place to pray for you.
---nille on 9/20/07

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Juanita is truly anionted NO doubt but she's a falling saint who needs alot of prayers to rid her lust for wealth. Juanita Bynum needs prayers or else pride will come before her fall. To late for Bishop Weeks he is also in my prayers. Heed the warning repent and turn away.
---Spirtled on 8/31/07

The spirit of jezebel emasculates men and turns them in to eunuchs(men without potency, or vision). When God anointed Jehu to destroy the house of Ahab and Jezebel, the eunuchs that attended to her threw her down in the street at the request of Jehu. Although those emasculated men had to look after the Queen, they secretly hated her because they could not be true men in her presence. The spirit of Jezebel hates real men and seeks to weaken them through accusation and uncovering a man's weaknesses.
---Man_Of_God on 8/31/07

While I agree with you to a point I must say that I would rather see/hear the word preached Not merchandised with conflicting litrature based on names and companies. 7 steps to salvation, or 7 steps to a happy marriage. Obviously someone missed a step out of the seven and needs to go back and look at what is really required to into get to heaven not re-marriage!.
---carla5754 on 8/31/07

Juanita Bynum is a christian woman who has been spreading the word about God and the wages of sin. I believe right now she is going through an emotional roller coaster ride due to her recent attack by her husband. I think that we often forget ministers have hurts and problems just like the rest of us. I pray both will get Godly council for their problems
---veeda on 8/30/07

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I do believe that God has called Prophetess Bynum.There is too much Anointing in that vessel look at Peter.We are so critical of her so very critical it doesn't matter how she looks when she preaches as long as she is preaching about Gospel Truth! I care not about her past at all look at her now! Jesus chose murderers and liars! So he can't choose someone like her?!Ye without sin cast the first stone ppl! I will still be a listener to her preaching and music because i have not been lead astray yet!
---Isaiah on 8/30/07

regardless of how you feel about him he should have never put his hands on her. Who can say that they haven't had a past. He who is without sin let him cast the first stone. it isn't wise to judge the anointing of others. Don't judge just pray...That is the problem now we have forgotten what God say If MY people turn from their wicked ways and HUMBLE themselves and pray and seek my face then I will HEAL THEIR LANDS. America needs healing
---Derrick on 8/29/07

He assaulted her last week in a hotel parking lot, something is not right.
---Bob on 8/28/07

Know the history of Juanita Bynum. She and her brother opened a phony church in a high school on 103rd in Chicago. They stole "millions" from the people and bought homes and luxury cars. Maybe, Bishop Weeks found out about her past.
---Don_King on 8/28/07

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She needs prayer I really feel sooo sorry 4 her.. Her preaching is too much of self.She is a bit much when her weave is in long past her shoulders and her ear rings is 2 big. How can she hear God!!!She is to much in her self. No glory to God at all. Where are the sheets now?
---Tee on 8/27/07

yes she is real and her teachings are biblically based. Most of all to determine this you must have a relationship with the Lord and the Holy Spirit will let you know whether people are real or not. She comes straight from the Word of God and the word is for her first then to the people. There is no doubt in my mind about the call on her life.
---sandra_mccain on 8/23/07

Sooo funny bob
---mark_B. on 7/1/07

---Bob on 6/30/07

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At some point we all must realise that we are asleep. Christianity got off track somewhere in 6th century when it was reduced to debate.nothing in this blog promotes Biblical teachings nor ecumenical doctrines. One thing is true all creation still awaits the manifestation of the true children of God.where are you? The good thing God kept the book of life away from human beings it would be empty by now.Praying for you
---askmos on 6/23/07

At some point we all must realise that we are asleep. Christianity got off track somewhere in 6th century when it was reduced to debate.nothing in this blog promotes Biblical teachings nor ecumenical doctrines. One thing is true all creation still awaits the manifestation of the true children of God.where are you? The fantasy world is overcrowded.The good thing God kept the book of life away from human beings it would be empty by now.Praying for you
---askmos on 6/23/07

My question to everybody who has something to say is, when was the last time you preached the gospel, was used to get someone saved, used miraculously by god? If we would spend more time in prayer and fasting and seeking God for change, things would change. And half of the people making comments are not even praying about it in their prayer closet. Let's examine ourselves a bit. CONTINUED-
---Calvin on 6/21/07

When you eat fried chicken, you eat the meat not the bones. Character is what God is looking for. An annointing and gift will always be, but when you get to a point where your character supercedes your annointing, then you have just begun your journey. False doctrine must be preached against, and that's not gossip. CONTINUED-
---Calvin on 6/21/07

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One of the issues today is that we don't walk in present day revelation. We are caught up in titles, and annointings. The point is this, as ministers, you are suppose to be annointed, heal the sick, and cast out demons, this is what we do, it's a part of the job discription. Gifts are given without repentance so the operation of a gift and the annointing does not exempt you from the integrity of the word. I love Prophetess Bynum. I think people need to know how to eat. CONTINUED-
---Calvin on 6/21/07

I've heard that many are calling J.B. their spiritual Mother. That really is stretching it, and has nothing to do with Christianity.
---Bob on 6/8/07

It is typical for the devil to try and capsize a child of God by bringing in confusion, but remember jesus said that a prophet is a prophet save in his own town, go on preaching mother the world God's
---sonwabiso on 6/8/07

Need Revival I agree with you 100%! I could tell anyone what I believe but it doesn't matter. It only matter what God says. We have no place to judge. We all have our callings but since God says not to gossip I'm sure that's not one!
---DaeNeshia on 5/26/07

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HAHA nope i'm not donna if you want me to be i'll try but i dont think i can...i dont have much to say b/c i havent done any studies on what God says to us about our finances...all i know is that the love of money is the root of all if someone doesnt love money then its not the prosperity gospel...thats all i've got so far... And if someone does my name after this weekend then its probably not me b/c i gotta get rid of my comp...but mabye if i get on another computer i'll get on
---mark_B. on 5/21/07

I can only say, each man/woman has to give an account for his/herself to God. If you don't believe it that's fine,you are not obligated to; but do not speak against it!!! It is best to keep your mouth closed about things you do not know or do not understand. Why subject yourself to the wrath of God?
---Glenda on 5/21/07

mark B, would you be Donna?
I can think of three people who defend prosperity teachers. Okebaram, Donna, and Rickey.
---Thinkee on 5/20/07

First, I assume you had picked up a commentary on this verse, right? If so, did you actually read & understand it? One of the first points of proper exegesis is to determine to whom the Scripture is written.

Second, you haven't shown me how my repeating preachers OWN words is gossiping. Unless they are lying on TV and their websites, what I say (i.e. repeat from them) is not gossip.
---The_Thinker on 5/20/07

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I came to the revelation last night that some people will listen to anything that makes them feel good for the moment (versus transforming them for a lifetime). You sound like one of these people. Therefore, I no longer feel the need to converse with you on this subject (too much around & around conversation). It has been nice though, to see how influenced some people can be. Be Blessed in the Lord and in all your understanding!!!
---The_Thinker on 5/20/07

Umm thinker..try you reap what you sow
---mark_B. on 5/19/07

Once again, you're back to the
Touch not my anointed syndrome. Today it is used as a catchphrase to prevent prosperity teachers and their gospel, and the merchandising of the gospel from all examination. But Oke, you go ahead and follow Paula, JB and the other prosperity teachers. Let us know how it all works out for you. The rest of us are not that gullible.
---Bob on 5/19/07

Thinker, you go and research why David refused to harm or criticize king Saul, calling him God's anointed, even though Saul had deviated from holiness, and then get back to me, before I answer any of your questions. But here's a hint: there's a difference between telling people what is sin, and gossiping about specific men and women of God who have commited such sin, even if your claims are true.
---Okebaram on 5/19/07

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Okebaram is a TBN/Paula/J.B. fan, Thinker.

"And, yes, TBN is a godly TV station. All of you who don't want to support God's work financially, for crying out loud, stop hating on prosperity preachers. (God actually calls people to the ministry of teaching prosperity, what is key is that one shouldn't put holiness above prosperity and neither TBN nor many criticized men and women of God does that
---Okebaram on 5/24/06 "
---Reno on 5/19/07

Thinker, here's another insight.

"Do you think you're talking to someone who doesn't watch TBN???!
The most powerful message I've heard to me about taking up your cross and following jesus and becoming dead to yourself in copmplete surrender to His will...a difficult thing to do...was on TBN by Juanita Bynum.
---Okebaram on 5/25/06 "
---Reno on 5/19/07

*** Shaking my head....

I can't speak for the others, but what I say on the site about Bynum is not gossip (I suggest you go look at the definition of such). The things I point out are those things from her (or her husband's) website, what she says on TBN, and the like...

So you must come with a better argument than that
---The_Thinker on 5/19/07

How can it be gossip if I am only repeating her words. For example, how many times have we seen her on TBN telling the people that their blessing is directly proportionate to the money they give? And that lines up with Scripture how?
---The_Thinker on 5/19/07

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I find it interesting how people use the touch not scripture, but never note the scriptures where we are warned about wolves in sheeps clothing, those people teaching another Gospel, etc.

I suggest you go read my analogy below.
---The_Thinker on 5/19/07

**So let's stop looking at this one particular scripture and look at how these peoples' actions line up with the Word.**

Sure... but only after you look at how your gossiping about what men of God did wrong lines up with scripture.
---Okebaram on 5/18/07

Okebaram, you say that CN bloggers who use the Touch Not scripture are sensible, but they misapply the text. So how can they be sensible? Second, what is the point behind naming 5 televangelists who have used that text, when I can give you 10 names of televangelists who speak things that hold no Biblical truth.
---The_Thinker on 5/18/07

Yes, I gripe about the misapplication of the Touch Not scripture, but I am more disgusted with "ministers" of the Gospel who speak things contrary to the Word of G-d and those people who believe their foolishness. So let's stop looking at this one particular scripture and look at how these peoples' actions line up with the Word.
---The_Thinker on 5/18/07

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Hi, Bob.

You guys who are pointing fingers, you haven't really identified any fault in my statements. Maybe you should look harder!
---Okebaram on 5/17/07

Oke, I don't have to name any names.
I did notice you've shown back up out of the blue, but then again, maybe you were really not ever, too far away. :-)
---Bob on 5/17/07

Okebaram, that's funny. You've been gone but you sound exactly like some of the other monikers here, with that sharp edge.
---Parakeet on 5/17/07

On this blog alone......

iam not to judge ms.bynum'sand neither
should anyone eles,
we are told touch not
my anoited and do my prophets no harm.
so if she is false then she will have to
deal with God and so would every one else
---mae on 4/4/07
---Reno on 5/17/07

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More, touch not...

everybody that wrote about this woman in a negative way the judgement of God is against you for the word says touch dare you certainly you can not have a realtionship with the many souls have any of you won
---balex on 4/24/07
---Reno on 5/17/07

Okebaram says -
Of course I don't know if every man or woman of God is genuine or not. But those that I know I know firstly by the Holy Ghost's discernment, and when I get close enough to them or witness them somehow, this revelation is partially or fully re-affirmed by their fruits. When I spoke of Paula White's fruits, I wasn't speaking of fruits I had personally experienced, I was speaking of fruits revealed by God's Spirit's.
---Okebaram on 11/8/06
---Oklahoma on 5/17/07

Okebaram Note To The Bloggers
Most blogs have plenty of arguments which would be reduced if we all believe the following: The complete 66-book bible is Gods inerrant Word (ALONE!); speaking in tongues, miracles, etc still occur; We should tithe. Can we all play by Biblical rules instead of opinions and false ideas?

---Okebaram on 5/25/06
Helpful Blog Vote -300
---Reno on 5/17/07

Reply to Okebaram from bloggers:

Okebaram you complain that "this blog wasn't worded exactly the way I wrote it (the mods changed it.)"
CN has posted your thoughts haven't they?

Are you one of those people who have to "have it your way or no way?"
If CN edited anything of yours they had a good reason.
You are new here so I would suggest that you lean back and enjoy the view and activity here.
---Reno on 5/17/07

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Bob, can you name 5 major televangelists (not CN bloggers) that you can quote having said "TOUCH NOT MY ANOINTED" OR "JUDGE NOT LEST BE JUDGED". If you can't, stop libeling God's servants, and listen when sensible CN bloggers tell you not to touch his anointed ones. Isn't that God's scripture? Would you remove it from the bible to satisfy your urge to untame your tongue?
---Okebaram on 5/17/07


Televangelists - two groups of phrases are delivered. "Judge not, lest ye be judged" from Matthew 7:1. Psalms 105:15 "Saying, touch not mine anointed, and do my prophets no harm." "God's Anointed" evangelists and preachers, claim to have the anointing would say, and so do their followers. To any criticisms directed to them, whether positive or negative, their response is usually "Touch Not Mine Anointed".

---Bob on 5/17/07

"I have told you the truth that will set you free. It does not matter if you believe or question what I said or not because it is the truth. You have heard the truth whether you receive the truth or not, you are now held accountable to obey this teaching for the remainder of your days on earth and subject to the wrath of God at judgment day if this teaching is not followed."
---Bob on 5/17/07

Intent is to force you to accept a teaching without question because you have now heard the "truth". To question the "truth" after hearing the accountability disclaimer - they are now coming against the anointed of God, or God himself. A fear mechanism is now there to keep people from finding out the real truth. God is not fear. God wants you to have a sound mind. God wants you to be equipped with his Word and Spirit to fend off the enemy and reach the lost.
---Bob on 5/17/07

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First, no one hates her. All we are asking is that she return to those things that she once knew. Am I saying that she never delivers a Word with proper exegesis NO. But she also does A LOT of other things that are not Biblical. If one knows the Truth, how can they on occasion do things contrary to that? Juanita is not a dumb woman...She knows exactly what she is doing. Return to your first love, Juanita.
---The_Thinker on 5/17/07

J.B. is one of the few prophetess that I heard preach on commitment to Jesus, being holy, and even judgement for not obeying the Lord. The OT fulfils the NT of the Bible. She uses a lot of OT references to give us understanding of the NT worship. When I hear sermons from her she gives me insight or history of why we do what we do in the New Testament Church. I think she is an awesome woman of God and when you're doing His work you will be hated....but that's when you know you're doing something right.
---jclef614 on 5/16/07

Amen Parakeet...That is so true. She started off good, now has gone off kilter.
---The_Thinker on 5/16/07

Parakeet...put another way, I could never imagine Jesus prancing back and forth on stage, a hoopin and a hollerin, jumpin up and down. People were drawn to Jesus because of His gentleness and soft spoken ways...the softer He spoke the closer others got to Him to hear His word. I do not see these same qualities in J.B. (and some others).
---Dennis on 5/16/07

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Remember Jim Jones, Don't drink the kool-aid.
---cc on 5/16/07

Dennis you remind me of another bird that we see here frequently. That was all sweet and lovey dovey, but I don't know what it has to to do with J.B.
JB may have started off on the right foot, but with all the additional items she's bringing into the church, it is bringing in confusion. Confusion is not of God.
---Parakeet. on 5/15/07

I love mornings...the sun coming up...the quiet stillness...a cool breeze...the scent of honeysuckle in the air...birds chirping. Kind of reminds me of Jesus and how people are drawn to God because of Him. His gentleness and His soft spoken Spirit...hmmmmm?
---Dennis on 5/15/07

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