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How To Find A Godly Wife (18)
Why Do Women Want To Work (75)
How To Stop Long Affair (16)
Old Affair Moves Next Door (16)
Why Churches Don't Counsel (49)
Not Right For Each Other Divorce (19)
Two Shall Be One Flesh (11)
Husband Using Dating Sites (16)
Must Marriage Be Legal (75)
Confess Affair To Future Husband (11)
Does Marriage Cure Loneliness (16)
Abraham's Isaac And Ishmael (20)
Can Women Propose To Men (60)
Non-Christian Guy Wants Me (11)
Marry Man With Girlfriend (14)
Is It OK To Divorce My Husband (41)
Belong Together In Marriage (14)
Why So Many Divorced Christians (48)
Man To Marry Old Woman (11)
Is This Relationship Adultery (15)
Divorce On Fire Husband (19)
Father Abandoned Son (14)
Wife Seeking Divorce (12)
How To Get Husband Back (11)
Boyfriend Living In Sin (72)
Marry Due To Daughter (10)
Husband Left Months Ago (13)
How To Pray For Spouse (16)
Parents Said No To Marriage (14)
Am I Being Jealous (13)
I Kissed Another Man (15)
Can I Have Many Wives (75)
My Husband Is A Bum (42)
He Doesn't Wash His Hands (29)
I Am A Divorced Man (31)
Husband's Mid Life Crisis (63)
Get New Wife While Married (20)
Divorce Prison Husband (66)
Your Experience With Divorce (62)
Don't Live Together Anymore (28)
Christian Divorce Rate (21)
Husband Who Cheated Online (13)
Go Back To Abusive Husband (19)
My Wife Left Six Weeks Ago (15)
Dating Christian Girlfriend (25)
Husband Has Control Issues (11)
Bosses Adultery Irks Me (42)
Forced To Marry Girlfriend (31)
My Husband Lied About Kids (13)
Affair With Heavy Woman (13)
My Husband Rejects Christ (16)
Divorce Eating Sleeping Husband (26)
Can I Divorce Over Abuse (75)
Can I Marry A Older Girl (11)
Can I Date While Married (23)
Wife Goes To Different Church (19)
Do Men Have Woman Authority (32)
The Affair Made A Baby (21)
Godly Man Rule Over Wife (39)
Husband IMs A Girlfriend (11)
Jezebel Book Causing Divorce (75)
Can Christians Divorce (23)
Husbands Flirtatous Emails (13)
How To Find A Christian Man (22)
Married Pastor Future Husband (75)
Is It Normal To Hate Husband (29)
Stop Wife From Sleeping Around (30)
Husband Forgot Our Anniversary (22)
Should I End My Marriage (75)
Husband Plays Video Games (13)
My Woman Is Fat and Talks (33)
Living Together Before Marriage (75)
Prayer For Reconciliation (10)
Divorce For Abandonment (37)
Is Living Together A Sin (75)
I Married A Non-Christian (16)
I Am In A Bad Marriage (29)
Muslim Marry In A Church (22)
Christian Husband Cheated (17)
How Long To Stay Separated (17)
Dating A Married Guy (14)
Remarry Because Of His Ex-Wife (10)
Living With A Bitter Spouse (30)
Professing Christian Not One (18)
Should I Divorce My Husband (20)
Failed To Be A Companion (63)
Husband's Priority List (13)
Engaged To An Older Man (12)
Unequally Yoked Marriage (12)
Wife's Hatred Toward Men (15)
Divorce Over No Sparks (23)
Break Off An Engagement (45)
Get Out Of This Marriage (20)
Marry My Hindu Boyfriend (19)
I Am Furious With Him (30)
Should I Marry My Fiance (18)
My Wife Pregnant By Other Guy (43)
Divorce Second Husband (26)
Why Do Christians Divorce (11)
Will God Restore My Marriage (47)
Is Remarriage Accepted By God (74)
Forgive A Cheating Spouse (22)
Engaged To Maybe Christian (12)
Marrying Non-Christians Advice (49)
Emotional Wreck After Affair (10)
Husband Became A Warlock (26)
Will God Forgive Future Divorce (12)
Marry A Much Older Woman (38)
Relations Before Marriage (15)
How To Find A Mate (12)
Divorce A Second Time (18)
Catholic's Second Marriage (11)
Confess Affair To My Husband (28)
Married To A Drunk Pastor (59)
Don't Love My Good Husband (28)
Remarried In Constant Adultery (75)
Can Women Remarry (75)
Husband Facing Jail Time (10)
Lack Of Physical And Emotions (20)
Dominating Church Woman (19)
Adultress Marriage Possible (21)
Divorce To Repent (43)
Divorce My Busy Husband (35)
Come Back To My Husband (26)
Living In Adultery For A Year (19)

   Christian Dating A Non-Christian (17)
Remarry My Divorced Husband (10)
Is My Husband Forgiven (13)
Husband Turned Muslim (11)
Marry A Really Good Guy (13)
Husband Doesn't Love Me (20)
Do I Remarry My Spouse (13)
Non-Believing Husband Issues (20)
Propose To My Boyfriend (25)
Divorce My Muslim Husband (41)
Love To Submit To My Husband (29)
Fiance Financials Not In Order (10)
My Husband Living With Girlfriend (20)
Wifes Personal Attacks (12)
She Spends All My Money (12)
Old Women Date Young Men (24)
Too Old To Marry At Age 30 (22)
Lost Virginity Before Marriage (17)
Divorce, Separate Or Lie (55)
Confess Affair To Parents (17)
My Wife Wants A Divorce (25)
Satan Or Holy Spirit (24)
Cheating Lying Abusive Husband (20)
Submissive Controling Husband (33)
I Have Been Married Twice (22)
Verbal Abuse In My Marriage (43)
Husband Texts Old Girlfriend (59)
How To Get Husband Back (12)
Was Divorced By My Wife (75)
Make Boyfriend Marry Me (19)
Husband Is Controlling (48)
Spanking Young Teenage Girl (75)
God Picked Your Mate (32)
Is My Husband Cheating (13)
I Have A Miserable Marriage (35)
Wife Trying To Leave Me (37)
My Wife Snores Too Much (59)
Reconciliation Or Divorce (17)
Confess Adultery To Husband (75)
Are Wedding Vows Biblical (71)
Pastor Charging For Services (58)
Divorce For Abandonment (11)
Courted By Two Men (12)
Divorce My Lazy Husband (75)
New Christian Wants A Divorce (17)
Can I Remarry My Husband (49)
Marrying A Younger Man (75)
Not Attracted To Him (23)
God Restored My Marriage (13)
Options For A Separation (35)
Leave My Husband For Attention (18)
Why You Like Your Spouse (31)
I Hate My Wife (75)
Can I Date A Man Again (75)
Should I Get Married To Her (42)
I Have Committed Adultry (30)
Wife Left Me For No Reason (39)
Should I Move On With Life (12)
Family Of Men Who Cheat (22)
Can't Stand My Husband (40)
Wife Sleeping With Guys (75)
Age To Get Married (17)
Will Husband Improve (15)
I Am Not A Christian (22)
His Affair Produced A Child (11)
Divorce For Just A Change (12)
Divorced Women Want Me (25)
Is Fornication Like Adultery (28)
Bought Roses For Girlfriend (10)
Do I Let My Wife Go (18)
Live With Divorced Person (13)
Left Spouse For Non-Adultery (18)
My Husband Is Still Married (10)
Marriage Was A Mistake (44)
Adultery And Be Trusted Again (10)
Dating Rules For Christians (11)
Is Dating Okay With God (31)
Can I Have Many Wifes (75)
I Struggle With My Marriage (34)
Neglecting My Husband (11)
Both Of Us Having Affairs (22)
Are Abusive Marriages OK (55)
Impulsively Got Married (25)
Committed Adultery In The Past (46)
Having A 6 Month Affair (11)
Forgive A Wife's Affair (12)
What Should I Do (15)
What Are Men Looking For (10)
Enjoy Watching Sports (10)
Divorce Unbelieving Spouse (41)
Can I Remarry Again (29)
Should I Let The Wife Go (25)
Get Married Due To Needs (11)
Should We File For Divorce (37)
Should Christians Watch TV (19)
Conned To Get Married (26)
Married To Jezebel Spirit (75)
To Close To Divorce (10)
Stay In Love Less Marriage (28)
Mummy's Boy Husband (20)
Control Freak Husband (22)
Does God Pick Your Mate (49)
Same Christian Divorse Rate (12)
What Should I Pray For (18)
OK For Christian To Leave (45)
Will God Allow Divorce (19)
What's Up October (33)
Son Wants A Catholic Girl (62)
Should I Divorce My Husband (30)
I Cheated On My Wife (14)
Dating A Non-Believer (21)
Can I Divorce A Bigamist (25)
Divorced Living In Sin (26)
Can Christians Drink Wine (31)
Date Once Divorced (36)
Husband Having Daytime Affair (12)
Fall In Love With Another (18)
Marrying A Non-Believer (27)
I Just Cheated On My Wife (12)
Boyfriend Is Pressuring Me (14)
Pastor Husband Can't Stand Me (33)
Affair When He's In Jail (16)
Husband Wants Pretty Women (29)
Is A Divorced Pastor Proper (69)
Affair With My Ex-Fiance (17)

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