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Who is Paula White?

Who is Paula White? Does Paula White's ministry promote Biblical teachings, ecumenical doctrines or a false gospel?

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 ---The Seeker on 10/22/05
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Paula White, along with Juanita "JEZEBEL" Bynum are products of T.D. Jakes.
---Rob on 2/19/08

I have never even heard her so I have nothing to say.
---shirley on 2/19/08

I recently started watching this "Paula White Today" show, and at first it seemed quite upbeat and moral. Then my wife (born again) started to watch it with me. She seems to think that this person is just a
con-man, as she is either asking for money
directly ("send me your first fruits offering") or is partnering up with someone
selling a book that she promotes for a cut
of the sales. I don't know...?
---Donny on 2/18/08

He was referring to Bill's charisma.
Bill still has charisma, that's a fact, Jack.

PW does not have the charisma that Bill has.
She does have charismania.
Charismania is "works of the flesh", mania, that's gone awry.
---Bigfoot on 1/10/08

Billy Graham caused a minor uproar years ago when he said that "it's a shame Bill Clinton didn't become a preacher, because he could have been a great one." I think he was referring to Clinton's ability to "sell anything" to the public. Too bad he wasn't selling the true Gospel. I think the same can be said of PW. She does have a way of captivating audiences. Wonder what Clinton thinks of PW? ....Never mind.
---Greyrider on 1/10/08

Personally, I have never been able to watch PW. Not because she is a woman but because of the lack of confirmation in my spirit when she speaks. The bible says we are to test the spirits, whether they are on the tube, on the blogs, or in your local church.
---Bigfoot on 1/8/08

Those were some strong words, david.

PW is not here, but if you are a pastor - man or woman, in adultery, out of adultery, or ready to commit adultery - step down.

Talkers, walkers, thinkers, jokers can all be replaced.
Adulterers are forgiven after repentance, but they don't belong in church leadership.
---Bigfoot on 1/8/08

Christians need to repent for allowing the PWs, Hinns, Copelands to become these mega-stars. It is christians that support them and we should have watched out for God's monies and not fed this animal.
If the Whites cared for their ministry they would suffer and stay together for its sake.
Jesus saaid, take up your cross daily,
---Andrea on 1/8/08

Paula White is another TBN phony who has no Biblical educational. White learned that the prosperity message sells. She seduces the body with her voodoo message of prosperity and success.She has memorized the right lines from the prosperity pimps and claims to be a "life coach".Paula White has had numerous adulterous affairs (Charisma Magazine). She was seperated from her husband twice (affairs)and now divorced. Watch TBN viewers throw money at this stripper whore like she were Jesus.
---david on 1/7/08

For Paula/Juanita/Mr weeks/ Jhon Hagee TDJakes/Creflo/Joyce Mayers ect and many more that exploite the Gospel, remarried regardless of fornication ect they all need your prayers for we have all sinned and come short of the gloy of God, No one here is without sin! But we can all pray and include ourselves too. Who here is without sin?
---Carla5754 on 12/31/07

There are no legitimate woman "pastors" if you consider the Scriptures to be profitable for doctrine, reproof, correction and instruction in righteousness. Something which I know very few Charismatics or "word faith" persons hold too but rather the "new" revelation or rhema word from their "lord". Tragic but we were warned by the Spirit.
---ShaunT on 12/28/07

The trap of "the end justifies the means" can still reach anybody. I wonder if Paula knows she is teaching false doctrine but justifies that (and her lavish lifestyle) because she does so much charity work. I do give her credit for wanting to help people, but you have to ask the question, if you REALLY have faith, don't you believe that by being faithful to Jesus, you would help people even more? After all, it's the prosperity preachers who turn a lot of people away from God all together.
---Greyrider on 12/27/07

Fish oils in the middle of the night? ROFL
What are you talking about?
Do you mean she sells fish oil products?

That's more honorable than selling trinkets for the Gospel. She should stick to fish oil and leave the fishing of men to those with integrity.
---Bigfoot on 12/27/07

The ONLY thing that changed about PW from the 90's to Today is she doesn't wear bubble gum pink suit dresses anymore. Money will do that to you. I heard her speak when I was only 14 yrs old in a hotel conference room. All of the women there, most who went to my church, loved her. They fell for the tripe she spewed. She didn't fool me then she doesn't fool me now.
---Jill on 12/26/07

First off,PW needs to get real. She is artifical and she lies to the people. Look at her audiance, poor, typically black women seeking a better life- and she tells them I was once like you.
She hocks fish oils in the middle of the night. If GOd gave her this "mission" why is she selling fish oil? Also who thinks Donald trumph is chrsitan, She had him on and now has a Trumph condo= as she divorces Randy.
---texaschickeee on 12/26/07

Reading these posts are very interesting, but I see only one set of views. Does anyone here think that she IS a legitimate preacher with wholesome messages? Does anyone NOT associate her with the Prosperity Gospel? Have people's ideas about her changed over time?
---Blue on 12/21/07

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I kinda feel sorry for her, Paula is a Pretty Lady but the message she brings I don't believe is very biblical. God is more important with your Soul and Character in this world than he is if your driving a Cadillac or not. I hope she finds PEACE in her HEART this time.
---Adam on 12/14/07

When the news report about the "6" was breaking, one minister said his church did not follow the prosperity gospel. Word for word, he said, "It's taking money off the backs of poor people", and I thought, confirmation.
---Bigfoot on 11/14/07

Just out of curiosity, anyone here ever heard the song "Lose My Soul" by Toby Mac, Kirk Franklin & Mandisa? It's a song where they are praying to God to please not let them fall prey to the prosperity message.
---Greyrider on 11/14/07

It started in the 60's as the shepherd-ship movement. 40 years later I still watch people fall for the same old line because people are greedy. Greedy is as Greedy does. If you aren't greedy you will not fall prey to the "prosperity" message but if you are greedy then watch out.
---Captain on 11/10/07

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Tax exempt status, off of the backs of poor people, living the good life with a Citation Ten in the hangar. Living large and super charged, on your card, your dollar.
---Bigfoot on 11/7/07

With the promise of gas rising to $4 a gallon, heating bills going through the roof, consumers are told to stay home and conserve.
C.D. said, that if people want to bless the pastor, that should be their business. But maybe the prosperity message has hit some turbulence, a sudden drop in elevation.
---Bigfoot on 11/7/07

Bigfoot,I told my wife months ago that someone would soon be using the #"8"(# of new beginnings)to promote another biblically illiterate message.Paula didn't disappoint.One of the things she doesn't want people to know is that some of those who work for her are dirt poor and have been for a long time while still living by her false doctrine.Randy/Paula's church staff doesn't fair well financially either.But she still preaches that if you "give" God is gonna bring you higher and richer.
---gabe on 11/7/07

Bigfoot,did you hear her refer to Deut.16:16?She loves to use that verse.Too bad it really refers to adult males over 20 years of age coming to God with an offering (not money)during the festivals.She has no clue what she's getting into by surrounding herself with the likes of DT,who by the way is nothing more than a modern day pagan.
She also said that her message was for "discerning" people.That's just mind control.She was sarcastic to her critics while fleecing the ignorant.
---gabe on 11/7/07

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Do you think the outside world reads these blogs? Maybe so.

I just read an Associated Press release, 6 televangelists are now under financial investigation. PW is one of them.
---Bigfoot on 11/6/07

gabe, I thought about CN discussions as I listened. I wondered if others were still fondly observing her fruits on the TV, as totally legit. It's not PW, it's the prosperity message. She's the messenger not the enemy. I wondered about others on the stage, seemingly so caught up in the giving to receive your own blessing.
Because, I remember, last year - the year of overflow, and people who waited for that overflow, and it went out the window with foreclosure of homes and rising gas prices.
---Bigfoot on 11/6/07

The year of overflow done came and went.
Now it's the "new order" of new beginnings and great things ahead in 2008. Give $80 a month, "I know it may be hard, for some it's out of your retirement, your school fund."
---Bigfoot on 11/6/07

The "new order" for the year 2008.
Several times, she had to catch herself. She wanted to say, 'never have I been so sure about a word'.
It was a breathless begathon and the spiritual jargon was garbled and mangled and nothing short of bizarre. Once again, it was hypnotic and I am seeing something new over the last month, and it's not the "90's" as Greyrider hopes.
I will not say what it is, but it has to do with the actual tongue. Gabe will probably catch it.
---Bigfoot on 11/6/07

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She also mentioned that one of the greatest moments in her life was when she received a call from D.T.
That was her apex and very revealing.
The greatest call I received in my life was the Holy Spirit, knocking on my heart to repent of my sin.
---Bigfoot on 11/6/07

I watched for the first time, gabe, PW give her message last night. It was very difficult to sit through, normally I can only stand one or two minutes.
She asked for $80 for 12 months from the remnant. She made it clear that she was not talking to the critics or scoffers, only the remnant that loved the Lord, that they would obey and go to the phone and pledge $80 for 12 months for the "new order".
---Bigfoot on 11/6/07

Bigfoot & Greyrider, you're both correct.And yes Greyrider,it is hard to reach prosperity followers.I confess that I once was one before I came out of Babylon following the loss of thousands of $$$ and before I started studying myself.Prosperity followers will get mad if you show them the truth in the Word.They,like myself,think that they've spiritually arrived and who are you to questions them?Showing truth isn't as exciting as the "pump me up Scotty" message.
---gabe on 11/6/07

Hosea 1:2
Hosea 4:12
Hosea 5:4
Ez 23:7, 29, 49
Nu 14:33
II Ki 9:22
II Ch 21:13
Jer 3:1-3
---Michelle on 11/5/07

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Seducing spirit

1 Tim 4:1
I Jm 2:26
Mk 13:22
Re 2:20

Role player
Lead astray
False doctrines
---Michelle on 11/5/07

Missed an 'n', 1 John 2:26

Seducing spirit
---Michelle on 11/5/07

The root of idolatry is a spirit of whoredoms


Love of position, social standing
Love of world
Love of money
Possessions - automobiles, homes, collections
Love of the body - image
Serves the body

Extreme -
Leaves God's covering
Unfaithful in Christ
Heathen deity
False gods - objects of strong devotion
---Michelle on 11/5/07

Gabe, the breathless begathon.
At some point, I began to see abnormal behavior as an indicator that another spirit was hypnotising, mesmerising the audience.
It was hypnotic.
---Bigfoot on 11/5/07

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Thanks Gabe, I have noticed that in her current preaching. But like I said, I've heard varying opinions on her preaching in the 90's, and since I wasn't there, I wanted to hear from someone who was. Prosperity followers are almost impossible to talk to. They are the ones I'm worried about. I'm not going to hold my breath, but hopefully her current troubles will humble her and she'll realize where she strayed from the Truth.
---Greyrider on 11/5/07

Bigfoot, how many? Too many. My whole point is I have tried to witness to followers of prosperity preachers. It's a nightmare. I actually have had much more success witnessing to atheists. Those brainwashed lost sheep following the wolves have only one chance. The conversion of the wolves. Just my opinion, but I think the conversion of Saul of Tarsus is there for a reason. He was so far gone, he was murdering Christians before Damascus.
---Greyrider on 11/5/07

Hey Greyrider,I didn't hear her in the 90's,although my wife did.Paula still brings out the same "Joseph from the pit to the palace message" according to my wife.She has, as far as we can tell, always taught with one verse soundbites,changing the meaning of the scriptures from what they really are.She will never teach on a subject using an entire chapter,opting instead to take one verse out of several chapters and put them together for her messages.Is that honest teaching?
---gabe on 11/5/07

Greyrider,this is Part 2/She does these types of messages to "stimulate" the people.I have a friend who is a former staff member of Randy/Paula's church who told me that some messages were purposely chosen in staff meetings for Paula to preach that had in the past gotten the people excited.Excited people give more.Watch her during the TBN begathon this week.Take down the scripture she cites and look in the Word,but look at 4-5 verses above and below her verse and see if the meaning is the same.
---gabe on 11/5/07

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How Judas behaved before the kiss really doesn't matter now.
The 90's are over, yesterday's bread is stale. God gives us fresh manna every day.
God never uses the false to teach the Truth.

If you want to pray for PW, please do.
But how many thousands are following this woman down a slippery slope.
---Bigfoot on 11/5/07

Gabe, I'm glad you responded. It's interesting to "research" someone who preached for 10 years in obscurity before ending up on TV. I've found differing opinions on her preaching 1991-2001. Many say she was much more scriptural in the 90's and then those same people that loved her preaching in the 90's now criticize her for abandoning the true Gospel for the money and fame of the prosperity gospel. Did you hear her during the 90's? I
---Greyrider on 11/5/07

Sorry Greyrider, Paula's appearance on TBN (Tower of Babel Network) was all scripted.Those of us who live here in Florida and ignorantly went to her church see right through her.Paul and Jan Crouch are trying to help her build her questionable career back and they expect you to fall for it.Debate her on her doctrine one on one, and she falls like a house of cards.Why do you think her and Randy need body guards?So no one can challenge them.It's not their doctrine I can assure you.
---gabe on 11/4/07

Even Paula's background is trumped up. There is nothing true about her and there never was. She will face a swift distruction. Her peers will go with her. There is no need to concern ourselves with these dark types in debate as to wheather or not they are dark. If it looks like a dog , barks like a dog, it is a dog. She is transparent and yet seduces the masses. Yes indeed, we are near the end.
---jody on 11/1/07

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Bigfoot, IN THEORY, I agree with you 100%, but it's not going to happen. That's my point. She has a huge following. Nobody is going to take her off the air. That may be the best thing to do, but her followers are going to continue to be misled. And truthfully, she was a great preacher at one time, and she showed that on Sept 12th. Her repentance may be a long shot, but it's the only realistic option at this time.
---Greyrider on 11/1/07

Prosperity preaching is so big right now, it's completely unrealistic to sit back and hope it will just go away. A lot of these people are complete phonies. They GOT INTO the business AS prosperity preachers. They don't know Jesus. Paula started out preaching truth and fell into this false teaching. There is a big difference. Galatians 6:1 1Brothers, if someone is caught in a sin, you who are spiritual should restore him gently. But watch yourself, or you also may be tempted.
---Greyrider on 11/1/07

The shepherd's staff, give her the hook and get her off the stage. Enough already.
Irresistible charm, irresistible grace, Remember the song, "Simply irresistible", "She's so fine, there's no tellin' where the money went."
How can it be permissible
She compromised my principle,
That kind of love is mythical
She's anything but typical
She's a craze you'd endorse, she's a powerful force
You're obliged to conform when there's no other course...."
---Bigfoot on 11/1/07

I agree with you 100%, gabe.
Waiting for someone to repent, allowing others to be deceived by the design - God never uses the false to speak the truth.
---Bigfoot on 11/1/07

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I don't think she needs to give up her ministry. She needs to give up the $3.5 million condo in New York and give up the million dollar salary. This is what's sad. I did see her give one very good sermon, September 12th on PTL. No prosperity garbage. This was her first live appearance since the divorce scandal broke and she appeared far more humble than usual, even embarassed. And that was good. It was a brief glimpse of the pre-prosperity Paula and she was tens times better than the 2007 version.
---Greyrider on 11/1/07

The best way for Paula to repent is step down off of her platform,give up her self elevated status,give up what she calls "her ministry" and go learn the Word in context.Take away the prosperity gospel and unfortunately,she still doesn't know it.
---gabe on 11/1/07

Bigfoot, good point, but Lucifer never repented. Judas never repented. Paula still has that chance. Considering how good her preaching was years ago, I hope she does. Imagine the impact if, arguably, the world's most popular prosperity preacher repents, denounces the prosperity gospel and goes back to true Gospel preaching.
---Greyrider on 10/31/07

She used to be legit but the money changed her.

Lucifer used to be legit but the 'money' changed him.
Judas used to be legit, but the 'money' changed him.
---Bigfoot on 10/31/07

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Bigfoot, you missed the point. She used to be legit, but the money changed her. "Without Walls" has lost a lot of their staff in the last year and they have been very vocal about why they left. They all said that this is a "new Paula" and they are disgusted because the "old Paula" who didn't preach prosperity was a great preacher. I speak out of concern for the people who currently listen to her. We should pray for her on THEIR behalf.
---Greyrider on 10/31/07

I remember the day, Okebarham said he could tell by looking at her fruits on the television, that she was the real deal.
That was the day I knew that Without Walls and boundaries was going to come tumbling
---Bigfoot on 10/30/07

Perhaps, you need her, but I don't.
When someone fleeces the sheep, I don't know how many get another opportunity with the same irresistible charm to go at them again.
There are many others that have not bowed their knees to the baals.
---Bigfoot on 10/30/07

Masterful oration, the enemy will throw in a few truths for about every nine lies.
If we could morph all of the greatest prosperity preachers who ever lived into just one person, none would have the impact as one preacher that preaches, "Don't just win souls, make disciples."
Prosperity doesn't make disciples, it makes for a barnyard of fleeced sheep.
---Bigfoot on 10/30/07

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When the multitudes came to see Jesus, some were begging for mercy, some needed a miracle, and some came with unconditional surrender. Jesus didn't send them away empty. He filled their cups to overflowing.
Prosperity teachers have it the other way around, the sheep, pass their loot, and fill the PT cups to overflowing.
---Bigfoot on 10/30/07

Bigfoot, I saw her last night as well. I had a different take. She had some great insights mixed in amongst the prosperity garbage and I kept thinking, "this lady has the potential to do a tremendous amount of good, we need to pray her back on track" She reaches people. You can't deny that. But we need her to reach them with pure truth and drop the prosperity teachings.
---Greyrider on 10/30/07

False doctrines and false prophets, we are to test the spirits or risk being led astray by every wind of doctrine that blows and crows.
---Bigfoot on 10/30/07

Right back at you, catherine.
Shame on you for pretending to be somebody that you aren't.
---Bigfoot on 10/30/07

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Bigfoot.. Shame, shame on you. Talking about judging.
---catherine on 10/30/07

I think she has the gift of gab.
After watching her for a short time yesterday, it was the same life coach reel. She was talking about not being in a place where 'you're' not celebrated. Every word out of her mouth was about 'self'.
Paula this, Paula that, Paula likes to wear these black boots and purple dress.
Prosperity helped her jet leave the runway, it's skidding sideways, and when her prosperity jet is grounded, will be when others quit PTL, passing the loot.
---Bigfoot on 10/30/07

If you research Paula's life story, she appears to be a legitimate "woman of God" who went astray. She's not a theologian, but you don't have to be, to be a good Christian. I've read that her sermons prior to her recent success were much more scriptural, but that things changed when the money started coming in. Hopefully, her current problems will humble her so that she takes her eyes off the money and back on Christ. She definitely has a gift for preaching. Let's pray for her.
---Greyrider on 10/30/07

I don't really know Paula White, but we should discern our brethren.

(Rom 16:17) Now I beseech you, brethren, mark them which cause divisions and offenses contrary to the doctrine which ye have learned, and avoid them.

(Rom 16:18) For they that are such serve not our Lord Jesus Christ, but their own belly, and by good words and fair speeches deceive the hearts of the simple.
---Mr._Graham on 9/23/07

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Not all who call themselves Apostles are. We should put them to the Word test.

(Revelation 2:2) I know thy works, and thy labor, and thy patience, and how thou canst not bear them which are evil: and thou hast tried them which say they are apostles, and are not, and hast found them liars.
---Mr._Graham on 9/23/07

Paula continues to show how biblically illiterate she is.She hopes the people she preaches to are biblically illiterate too.That's why she's successful.The Atonement offering is another one of her scams.If you read the scriptures she and the other 2 pulpit pimps (munsey and huch)cite and read everything in context,you'll see that the Atonement and Joel chapter 2 have nothing to do with one another.BTW,Deuteronomy 16:16 refers to men over the age of 20 and the Day of Atonement is not one of the 3 feasts.
---gabe on 9/23/07

What is a lifecoach?

Can you find that in the Bible?
---Bob on 9/22/07

just more of that good old health and wealth preaching we all need. the church needs to be saving souls! not money. we need to be more worried about the lost souls not about how we feel about our selves.
---the_watchman on 9/21/07

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I would like to know if we can only have atonement if we give sacrificially to Paula White and why doesn't she say you can do it through your own church.
---Karen on 9/21/07

when these people start telling you to give to your home church or righteous organizations and not just to their own coffers - then maybe I'd send an offering.

their tactics stir the basest character flaws we all possess. Greed.

We are to earnestly desire spiritual gifts not focus on financial gain. that may come to us but many of these ministries feed the ugly side of us and not the spiritual renewal we need
---Andrea on 9/21/07

I sometimes find myself wanting to send $$ and seeing how God has already blessed me and to give more would mean more money for good things and less stress and .....about that time I can feel this ugly thing welling up. Maybe you are a better person then me - but I do not give to get. I give to be a blessing and God has blessed me abundantly.
---Andrea on 9/21/07

Arent we suppose to be looking towards Jesus as our example? When he sent out the 70, he told them not to take a purse (beggars bag) with them. (Luke 10:4) God has and will always provide for the true teachers of His word, and they dont have to spend a lot of study time to ask just once.
---kathy_jefferson on 9/21/07

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As for those who have been deceived into giving money, God will judge whether their heart was in the right place when they gave. If it was, they will get a blessing. But God never rewards a selfish offering. Paula, like most of the other feel good prosperity teachers arent feeding the sheep. They are like the false Shepherds in Ezekiel 32.
Let God be the judge here, everyone should pray for the spirit of discernment and do what the Holy Spirit lays on your heart.
---kathy on 9/21/07

Andre5846: Putting down televangelist is unproductive. I do agree. But I cannot look the other way while they rob me and others blind,either. Something has to be done or said about this. Many people are suffering behind these tactics. If these issues are never addressed, when are they going to stop? These people are like wolves that have not eaten for months. That is a dangerous situation,indeed.
---Robyn on 9/14/07

Putting down these televangelists is unproductive. It does little to stifle them and makes the christians appear jealous and petty.
Being correct is not always the best means to the end. Maybe focusing on something more positive - all false prophets have some truth - but they distort it. If you find the nugget of truth they have maybe it would be more positive to expound 'on' that

just a suggestion - I too get exasperated with them
---andre5846 on 9/14/07

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