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Who is Peter Popoff?

Who is Peter Popoff? Does Peter Popoff's ministry promote Biblical teachings, ecumenical doctrines or a false gospel?

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 ---The Seeker on 10/22/05
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Peter Popoff is a world famous professional golfer.
---Jed on 3/23/12

Interesting!family,lookin'thru my bible,funny nev'r notice before..caption said "jesus prayed for himself!" while bk I had a blog 'pray for myself..actually,Jesus pray for Heavenly father take this cup away....thankGod He went still to the cross for us!
---ELENA on 3/22/12

peter popoff is a false prophet who is using jesus to get money out of innocent christians i can't believe one of our television networks here in Australia (channel9) actually put his false program on t.v goes to show the devil can even present himself on national television and we don't even know it. No real christians should ask for money from anyone when jesus was on the earth he never asked anyone for money when he spread the gospel it's a shame people are using god to get money it's pure evil.
---Amelia on 3/1/12

The two witnesses are two people who will be alive and on earth at the end time. They will preach the truth to the world in a time of great trouble and confusion. It will be a truth that will be hard to accept because it will NOT be what Christians have been led to believe by Satan such as salvation thru faith and grace.

The two witnesses will torment men with the truth of their words. God will protect them until they have given their message and then they will be killed...their bodies will lay in the street in Jerusalem for three and a half days and the people will rejoice but then the two rise up and ascend into heaven and the rejoicers...well they are lost and they now know it.
---barb on 11/10/10

Ide like to ask a question?Who are the two witnesess in revelation 11?Are they two prophets today God chose?I know the lampstands represent the church,thats not the question ,so reply only on the question and answere it.If they die,and come to life are they two people chosen by God?Why are the people rejoicing at there death ,than fear there life from god?What does it say if you hurt them?What will Be the result if you harm these two witnesess?Please answere,ill give you the answeres latter.God bless you nations in Jesus name amen.
---nina_mccutcheon on 11/10/10

This man takes money from the ederly and the weak minded-promising to heal them in Jesus name. In the end, he only wants their money and does not care about a persons soul or health.
---Kella8334 on 3/23/10

\\A similar experience happened a few years ago in which I physically approached over 35 churches in person.\\

I have, on occasion, harbored the temporarily homeless in my small apartment.

The last time I did so, I discovered after he disappeared that my guest had left drug paraphenalia behind and had stolen expensive medicine.
---Cluny on 3/22/10

False gospel. There is only one mediator between God and man and it is the son Jesus Christ. I go directly through Him. He has given us the power to become sons and daughters of God, wherefore we can cry Abba Father. Through Christ, we have the power to lay hands on the sick, prophesy, cast out demons,speak in tongues,interpret,intercesors in prayer. who needs Peter Popoff when we have Jesus!
---sandy on 3/21/10

Minister that miniters to the world. False gospel because there is only one God and that is the one above.
---Mika on 12/16/09

Peter Popoff? I think false gospel, preying on the elderly and people who are desperate.
---BB on 10/24/09

larry -- Last I noticed, it wasn't just doddering old people who follow these charlatans. I think there are some, of various ages, who, for reasons of their own, just WANT to believe this nonsense is for real.
---Donna66 on 10/22/09

Right you are M.P. Popoff was the guy busted on 20/20 and other programs for using prayer card information passed on to him through a wireless earpiece. His wife was complicit in the fraud. After the exposure he declared bankruptcy in 1987.

Soon thereafter the hilarious and fraudulent Evangelist Robert Tilton was busted. All but the elderly are now too skeptical and cynical to ever believe their over-the-top Ernest Angley type performances.
These guys have now been reduced to You Tube comedies.

I am not sure where Popoff is now or if he ever repented before the Lord.
---larry on 10/22/09

Peter Popoff, B. Graham, J. Falwell, P. White, C. Dollar etc ministers are there for your money. They are caring for their own fleshly lusts. They dont care for your soul.
---Lawrence on 10/22/09

i think false gospel,iam very sad
---adriana on 10/12/09

mima: "The same churches are very strong on "discipleship" and passing the plate for tithings and offerings."

Strong on descipleship? Hogwash. We are a generation of hearers only.

mima: "I know of one mega-church which is actually engage in many(soulwinning) outreaches. It is common knowledge in the church community that this particular church, which never takes up a collection, has all the money they need. How interesting!!"

Reveal a "church" that doesn't receive donations or the selling of its own "christian" materials to operate .
---Steveng on 12/23/08

Scandalously---Steveng statement is true concerning a large percentage of churches. The same churches are very strong on "discipleship" and passing the plate for tithings and offerings.
I know of one mega-church which is actually engage in many(soulwinning) outreaches. It is common knowledge in the church community that this particular church, which never takes up a collection, has all the money they need. How interesting!!
---mima on 12/20/08

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Love has vanished from today's Christian "churches."

Thirty years ago, while hitchhiking across America, I would send three letters to churches asking them that I need a place to stay for a couple of days while visiting that city. I would get two responses from a member of the congregations.

A similar experience happened a few years ago in which I physically approached over 35 churches in person. All declined but two. These two asked me to be a member before they would help. One of them said I could sleep under the bushes in front of the church. I did in a cardboard box and, boy, was it cold that night. I don't blame any of them, Satan surely hardened their hearts.

Love has surely left the planet earth.
---Steveng on 12/19/08

Why don't ministries, the ligit ones, send us money?

I had a friend who was homeless and wrote to a few ministries, and he said not one sent him not even a dollar - what good is that? They could have at least called him and heard if he was sincere or had him flown to the lavish building they built and interviewed him for a job...nothing, he got no response.

It's time these ministries take care of the homeless and the widow and the poor.
---donna8365 on 12/19/08

Anyone who urges people to send their offering and I will send you this vial of miracle spring water and you will be healed,is a fake in my view. We don't need peoples made up types of cures,which aren't in the Bible, for we have the real miracle worker Jesus who always makes intercession to God the Father for us when we pray. It is awful to see people being so deceived by those kind of preachers and I use the term preacher only because thats what they claim to be. Run,run,run away from that kind of ministry,which is all about how to get your money. We never have to pay for healing we get from God.
---Darlene_1 on 12/19/08

He reminds me of a character Steve Martin played in the movie "Leap of Faith". A snake oil salesman playing a preacher....
---NurseRobert on 12/19/08

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He was a popular charismatic evangelist/healer. James Randi was a stage magician and quite knowledgeable about how magicians use illusion and trickery to do their tricks. After he retired, he has devoted his life to exposing supernatural quackery. In 1987, on Johnny Carson's tonight show, Randi showed that Popoff didn't receive "words of knowledge" about people's problems - rather, his wife talked to people in the audience, and then communicated their illnesses to him by radio, so when he spoke to them and pronounced their illnesses, it sounded like he was getting information from God, but it was a cheap fraudulent parlor trick. Popoff soon went bankrupt. But now he's back to his old tricks again.
---StrongAxe on 12/19/08

Jesus says " Give freely as I have given you"
Matthew 10:8
Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devils. Freely ye have received, freely give

Does the word FREE make any sense to you?
If someone is asking money in order to heal you..He is a Liar!!!!!!!
he is False.
He is a sign of the end of times, cause Jesus said this would happen!

I know healing priests that Give freely!
pray, lay hands on you for healings for FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!
---paul on 12/17/08

He is an extortionist who embezzles from God. My sister gave him $20K or $30k, and she is a low income person (now that her inheritance is gone.) The extortion/threat letters continued to pour in. There is no end to his greed. I think he was exposed in a media sting for using an earphone and two way radio to perform "miracles" on people his staff "met" in the lobby. The earphone was for his "word of knowledge". He also had paid actors who jumped out of wheelchairs. He will answer to God someday.
---obewan on 12/15/08

Oh please, folks. Someone needs to tell Peter to Pop-off. OF COURSE he is false. He sends out indentical form letters to thousands of people. His methods are occultic and he is all about the money. He actually implies a threat, i.e., if you DON'T send the money, you will stay simmering in your stinky problems. Popoff preys on hurting people. His 'prophecies' remind me of my fortune-telling and tarot card days...he sounds just like the satanists and uses the same methods to hook people into depending upon him, and not the Lord Jesus Christ. The ones that are fooled have spent zero time in the Word, have gone through no testing and affliction, and are looking to write a check to solve their problems. Sounds like the devil's work, eh?
---Gwendolyn on 12/14/08

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To anyone who does not believe in the special annointed powers fo Prophet Popoff:
If you were truly a Holy Ghost filled Christian, and Prayer Warrior believing in the Last Days, and the messages of Jesus, then you would know that Prophet Popoff is one of the last Real Prophets of God.
---mitzi on 11/27/07

Mark (the other Mark, not me):

While it may be true that somebody might heal themselves due to the placebo effect (or even be healed by God because they happen to believe), the fact is that this faith is as a result of fraud perpetrated by a charlatan who deceived people into thinking he was getting divine revelations so they would send him money. Does the fact that he may have accidentally done some good excuse his deception?
---Mark on 8/26/07

My young nephew called for the miracle water, without his mother knowing. He could hardly wait until it showed up in the mail, but it came with the form letter - sorry you've been going through all of your terrible struggles with some thing or another.
This kid has been winning golf tournaments since the age of 6, bright. He would watch the program in his room while his mom was busy fixing dinner. Kids are impressionable. He did have a bit of a time getting the letters to stop.
---Mario on 8/25/07

Yes peter Popoff is fake! And for only $29.99 I will send you a phamplet revealing this fact. This is no common phamplet, but one made from paper from the holy land, specially anointed and prepared by saints in the wilderness who personally are blessed by angels and who love you! Just send $29.99 to recieve your specially anointed blessed phamplet!
---MikeM on 8/25/07

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I don't understand how come peter popoff is not arrested for fraud can anyone tell me?
---chris on 8/25/07

How could false prophets like Peter Popoff still exist today, it makes me sick to my stomach, I just pray that pne day he will be exposed of the fraud that he really is .I also pray to god to expose the man in Puerto Rico of fraud for pretending to be jesus, he makes my blood boiled, I hope god will expose false prophets like these corrupted people,I pray to god that they will get a tatse of their own medicine!
---lai on 8/23/07

Well, I find that mr. popoff is rather amusing at 4:00 am when I could not sleep.
Beyond that I know that if Jesus actually were to walk into this guy's "healing" services..He'd be mad and probably inform popoff right quick of this.

I have a "socio-learning" disability.. Hey ya think he could "cure" that :)
---sheena on 1/9/07

R.A. firstly, by the Holy Spirit. Of course I don't know if every man or woman of God is genuine or not. But those that I know I know firstly by the Holy Ghost's discernment, and when I get close enough to them or witness them somehow, this revelation is partially or fully re-affirmed by their fruits. When I spoke of Paula White's fruits, I wasn't speaking of fruits I had personally experienced, I was speaking of fruits revealed by God's Spirit's. I hope you aren't offended by that discussion. God bless.
---Okebaram on 11/8/06

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Jemima, I just realized that the date said 10/22/05 not 10/22/06 which is what I had though it said. :)
---Okebaram on 11/8/06

Peter Popoff was indeed proven to be using trickery and he sells this oil for money or that oil for healing. I did hear from the "old timers" who knew him in the beginning he started off well and really loved God but that later he became entangled in all of these entrapments. Like the old saying "its not how U start its how U finish." So its sad how some end up. But as long as he has breath in his body he can change and we must pray for mercy on his soul, and repentance.
---Jeanne on 11/8/06

Oke, this is not a 'drive-by fruiting'. But how do you determine one is a knock off (counterfeit) and another is the real genuine article?
---R.A. on 11/8/06

-Okebaram It looks to me as if The Seeker actually asked this over a year ago so I'm not sure I understand you asking "Why does he keep posting these things". It is others that keep the question going by responding to it, as you have.
---Jemima_D on 11/8/06

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Indeed, Peter Popoff is a false prophet. But, why does the seeker keep posting this pesky kind of blogs. The seeker, is gossiping about prophets and false prophets all that you intend to do?
---Okebaram on 11/7/06

I went to Popoff's web site (you can find it on Google) and the first thing that hits you is a limo driving down the street and how you can ge t a new car, or a new house, or MONEY!! And to help you get it, Peter is going to send you a vial of holy water...

Look into your heart and decide if this is of God or not.
---NurseRobert on 11/7/06

I have not met Prophet Popoff but I have received letters from him stating a number of things that were actually taking place in my life I don't judge him because God said not to harm his prophets which still do exist in this era. but what others don't realize about prophesy is that what a prophet knows you will also know with out having to confide your situations or problems. I feel people of this world need to have a better relationship with GOD to better understand the spiritual gift of prophesy.
---Virgil on 11/7/06

The only person I've seen on CN whose integrity has been questioned of whom I have said this: He is a demonic prophet, and not a prophet of God.
---Okebaram on 10/16/06

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Johnny, what do you mean, send money or else. Just renounce all your dealings with this outfit {In the Name of Jesus}, and leave it alone. Leave those contacts alone and move on. Write "Return to Sender" on all future mailings (don't open), take them back to the Post Office. They will stop mailing them to you. Find yourself a good bible based church to attend, ok?
---Rachel on 9/16/06

Peter declared 19.4 nillion in profits last year and he's just getting started. He asks for more and more money as you get involved. I have friends who have been with him sending money for over a year and a half. The warnings are subtle, send money or else. I sent for a free book. Rec'd 5 huge mailings each asking for money and ovedience attachments I never received the free book on prosperity. Frieds get nemerous letters. They think he knows our conversations and tells them not to talk to me.
---jhonny on 9/16/06

I'm saying that there were really healings...

The methods utilized were in alignment with the formulas which would trigger individual's faith mechanisms...and when this takes place the power of spirit moves quickly...

You might do you know this...i would explain plainly that spirit has healed others through me also...and yet i am unimportant...i am no one...but since i have experienced i therefore know...
---Mark on 8/9/06

2. Mrs. Popoff simply passed on the information and it seemed, to the congregation, that he was getting messages from God. If this were a legitimate use of the information gathered by his wife he would have made it clear that the information was from his wife and not given the impression this was from God. That is what made him a fake. Are you saying that he was not a fake then or are you saying that he works quite differently now?
---M.P. on 8/9/06

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Mark wasn't Peter Popoff the one who, as he walked amongst his congregation, claimed that he just knew that a person in a certain seat, in a certain row had a certain illness/need? He knew nothing, other than what his wife was telling him through his ear piece. People had been allocated seats, had they not, and had filled in forms on arrival giving details of their 'needs'.
---M.P. on 8/9/06

It is because you do not understand how healings work that you would think that Peter is a was long ago, about 20 years ago that it was first reported how he utilized information from those coming to see him with his wife garnering information from the crowd...yet what you do not understand is how the faith mechanism works...I know because I have experienced because of Peter's work way back then...humanity has a hard time with things they do not understand...
---Mark on 8/8/06

Peter popoff is a fake!~!!!!!!!!!!
---betty on 7/9/06

...This may be blunt, but it's kind of like marrying someone just for the great sex alone, and that's all the marriage means to them. The only time their husband/wife gets any affection from them is in the bedroom. That's how some in the church are- the only time they shout is when someone "phrophesies" big houses or cars to them. Most of their prayers sound like letters to Santa. And yes, Alan, unfortunately America is inundated (sp?) with "churches" like this
---Molly on 12/9/05

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I too believe it is not only God's will, but his plan to bless his children, in all areas. However, when money becomes the ONLY thing we seek God for, as if he were some kind of sugar daddy, I believe he sees the REAL reason we S E R V E him. It's sickening how some have turned the kingdom of God into nothing more than a Casino!.....
---Molly on 12/9/05

It is so easy to sit there and judge others, especially if we have no evidence that what he preaches about goes against what is stated in the bible. I believe that God wants to bless us - be it mentally, physically and yes even financially. Many people are held in bondage because of lack of finance. I believe that God wants to bless his children what if you receive a check of $10 000...Is that materialism or manifestation - i believe it's manifestation!
---Belinda on 12/8/05

Are there many like that in America?
---alan8869_of_UK on 12/8/05

...Then an announcer's voice would do this spill like "Yes, that's right! 5, 10, 15, 20 thousand dollars! Send for your FREE miracle water today and experience YOUR divine transfer of wealth!" What the????
---Molly on 12/8/05

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His last name fits. All he does is POP OFF at the mouth. Just last night, I came across his "show" (in the truest sense of the word) -I thought I was looking at an info-mercial!!! I'm not lying, It had the same graphics and everything! It would show different people in one of his services 'testifying' about their DIVINE TRANSFER EXPERIENCES...and all the money they had 'miraculously' recieved -JUST LIKE PETER POPOFF P R E D I C T E D THEY WOULD! (they used that exact word too)...
---Molly on 12/8/05

Peter popov was busted for recieving electronic messeges from his wife about sick people he was to heal.

"The Lord loves you and comes in at 2464.5 Megahurtz" Yea right
---len_k on 12/3/05

I saw him once or twice on TV when I lived in the South. He seemed flaky and gave more of his ideas than the gospels.
---NVBarbara on 12/1/05

I have never heard of Peter Popoff's ministry; has anyone else?
---Tommy on 11/30/05

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