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Who is Robert Tilton?

Who is Robert Tilton? Does Robert Tilton's ministry promote Biblical teachings, ecumenical doctrines or a false gospel?

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 ---The Seeker on 10/22/05
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Televangelist ~ I never could watch him..sorta irritating to me. As for his ministry..I have no idea. I could spout of hearsay from others that never heard a word of his ministry either and got it from hearsay...I would rather not judge something I have not taken the time to hear for myself.
---melanie on 6/4/08

, from what i heard, Tilton got started in his "ministry" while making fun of televangelists, and he saw that he was taken seriously while imitating them, so he became one. i hope no one watches him.
---steve on 6/4/08

Tilton Again? If you look on the web you will find he is 1# for being parodied. Do to his 'antics' some skillful folks have made some very satirical videos, all online of him. I did not know anyone took him serious, but he is fun.
---MikeM on 6/11/07

He is a false teacher! I am not judging but he is what he is.
---Cheryle on 6/11/07

I question Robert Tilton's ministry because it seems to be one sided focusing only on money. What do you guys think?
---Tina on 6/11/07

Thanks for the update Deloe. I hadn't read your most recent posts on the James Robison blog - I just don't have time to read everything posted. I'm really pleased that you seem to have had closure on this and that the past really is past on this issue. God bless.
---emg on 1/3/06

Has any one thought it was a warning to not fall back where you just came from.
---deloe? on 1/3/06

The forgiveness I needed (and got) only God could provide, because I didn't do anything to anyone else to be forgiven for. I took care of the tiff between me and Elder in a personal and private e-mail, that is nobody's business but ours.
---DELOE on 1/2/06

Thank you Barbara- at least SOMEONE on this blog understands english. I THOUGHT my comments were quite clear, but I guess not. Isn't it sad how the devil can use just about anybody to remind you of your past???
---DELOE on 1/2/06

Tilton is a funny guy. There is a video with 'added sounds' on it, noting Tiltons facial expressions. I used to turn him on with the sound off, while listening to OZZY. Real fun. His hair is saved, I am sure of it.
---The_Antidogma on 1/2/06

YES, please lets not go there again! Deloe has found the forgiveness she saught and her heart is pure regarding JR.
God bless you my sister, may the new year bring happiness and more healing. Hugs for a happy new year! barba7434
---NVBarbara on 1/2/06


I forgive James Robison and anyone on the management staff of Life Outreach International who had anything to do with my termination. It's my gift to Jesus for his birthday, and my gift to myself, because I want to be happy again. DELOE (Molly)
---Molly on 12/20/05
---deloe? on 1/2/06

DELOE are you crewling back into the same hole you just asked us to forgive you for before?
----_01 on 1/2/06

What I was saying was that I would think twice before I hired MANAGEMENT staff to run my prayer center if they had been not only involved with, but SUPPORTED and TESTIFIED FOR, the likes of Robert Tilton. Secondly, I've never worked for a con-artist like Tilton, and don't have anything in my past that I would be afraid or ashamed for anyone interviewing me to find out. And lastly: This is all in the past for me, it's a new year, and my 'beef' with the Robison camp is over
---DELOE on 1/2/06

DELOE you say "TWO of Robison's management staff in his "prayer center" ... used to work for THIS guy,... What does that tell you about JR?" I'm surprised that you think we should judge James Robison because of 2 people he used to employ. Didn't he also employ you at one time? You obviously think that you are O.K. so couldn't we compare J.R. with you instead?
---emg on 1/2/06

He makes me sick. I hope he's really not as evil as I think he may be. I will pray for him.
---john on 1/2/06

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Robert Tilton is one in need of prayer, not insult. He is only a man who is deceived and misled. Jesus teaches us to love and not cast stones. We all fall short! Although some of us may not agree with his teaching, only God is the true judge of his heart.
---robert on 1/2/06

robert tilton the preacher that only talks about you sending your money to him. Is a cheat and bad bad man that is going to hell.. don't send him no money read your bible and listen to billy graham or joel osteen may god bless you in 2006 bye for know pray for me...
---mike on 1/1/06

Delore, good answer. His far more gone then the rest of them. He pushes the money issue very strong. I see him on tv and get sick just thinking how many will send him more money. Especially older people. His doctrine is false. One time he annouced that his house had caught on fire, and many send him so much money. What had burned were his drapes. Not his house. He has two mansions. He was almost crying on tv. He is a sick person. Needs Christ ever so bad.
---Lupe2618 on 12/1/05

He is a complete fake and one of the chief reasons why "Televangelists" are a big joke to the world. Read my comments on "Who is James Robison?"- TWO of Robison's management staff in his "prayer center" (and I use the term very loosely) used to work for THIS guy, who is flakier than a pillsbury biscuit! What does that tell you about JR?
---DELOE on 12/1/05

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Pray for him. He seems to be possessed.
---Leon on 11/26/05

A true flake, Tilton seems to only promote himself!
---NVBarbara on 11/21/05

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