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Why Does God Let Us Suffer (59)
Boyfriend Writes Other Girls (20)
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Spirit-Filled Sinful Woman (18)
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I Am Like The Apostle Paul (10)
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Tell Spouse About Two Affairs (22)
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Holiness Pastor Has An Affair (25)
Who Caused Job's Suffering (16)
Why Fight About Days And Food (20)
Who Gives Me Unclean Thoughts (17)
Why Do We Give Satan Credit (10)
Why Do I Make the Same Mistakes (16)
Live With Aids Unwed Boyfriend (16)
Should I Take My Husband Back (18)
Can You Claim To Be A Christian (21)
How To Be Left Alone (37)
What Is The Unpardonable Sin (25)
Are Sinners Going To Hell (75)
Generational Curses In The Bible (75)
I've Been Dating A Married Man (32)
Does America Need a Revival (19)
Why Don't People Read The Bible (65)
How To Confront Parents (21)
Explain 2 Samuel 12:11-14 (31)
Husband Will Not Stop Chasing (17)
Can I Pursue A Married Man (18)
Will Jesus Put Me On A Cross (12)
Christians Think They Are Better (49)
Still Contact An Ex When Married (15)
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Are There Any Bad Churches (75)
What Does Backslide Mean (12)
Must I Stop The Adultery (32)
Explain Matthew 5:29 (16)
I Broke The Law (10)
Son-In-Law Left His Wife (18)
Is Fornication Showing My Love (54)
Why Differences In Understanding (40)
Adultery OK If Both Are Happy (15)
Secretly In Love With Married Man (59)
How To Restore Your Salvation (75)
Satan Making You Sin Lately (45)
How Often Do You Have A Drink (75)
Can We Keep Sinning (21)
Fornicate And Still Be A Christian (58)
Failed Commitments To God (10)
How Does God Answer Prayer (22)
How To Talk To People (10)
Can You Marry Twice (60)
Why Not Change Yourself (14)
Moving Out From Boyfriend (13)

   My Husband Keeps Cursing (36)
My Prayer Life Is Weaker (17)
Explain This Scripture To Me (75)
Cheated On Wife And Want Help (27)
Could God Be Mad At Me (28)
Stay In Sin And Go To Heaven (75)
Can Good Christian Live In Adultry (75)
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Christian By Words Or By Actions (53)
Does God Forget Our Sins (75)
My Husband Is Narcissistic (75)
Some Dislike Of Men Here (64)
Christians Speak The Right Words (25)
Can You Commit Spiritual Adultery (75)
God Is Convicting Me Of My Sins (17)
My Job Is Difficult To Serve God (33)
Things That Lead To Lust A Sin (17)
Should Sleeping Pastor Leave (39)
Seclusion Good For Christian Walk (15)
Husband And I Having Affairs (41)
Picky About Blog Questions (12)
My Husband Is In Adultery (13)
Debt Problems And Debt Help (13)
Is My Woman Cheating On Me (14)
How Friendly But Not Flirting (15)
Can You Remarry Your Spouse (14)
Did God Create Sin Or Did We (39)
Youth Pastor Advancing On Minor (15)
Mention Affair I Would Lose Wife (33)
Can My Husband Be Saved Again (53)
Was Lucifer Allowed To Be Satan (69)
Why Christians Practice Separation (22)
How To Handle Divorce In Church (37)
Keep Exgirlfriend And Engaged Girl (17)
How Do You Deal With Temptation (29)
My Husband Has Many Problems (21)
How To Reach Different People (20)
Churches Failing To Teach Singles (12)
Where Are Scriptures About Smoking (62)
Should We Confess Our Affair Sin (22)
Feel About Divorce For Affairs (22)
Advice About My Current Affair (52)
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My Child Needs A Father (40)
Caught My Husband Cheating (75)
Do I Tell Spouse Of My Affair (29)
Finding Faults In Other Christians (21)
My Pastor Is Spreading Lies (34)
Why Don't Christians Study Bible (17)
Sleep With Men On A Date (23)
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D.U.I. And Still Going To Heaven (20)
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Sleep With A Pastor In November (38)
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People Take More Than They Give (18)
Christians Do Whatever They Want (75)
Move In With Husband's ExWife (12)

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